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One party, Two names

There is just one party in this nation, but with two names, Democrat, and Republican. The so called "Presidential Election" is nothing more than a prescripted version of a WWE wrestling match, where the winner is already predetermined before the match is even started. If you get someone like Ron Paul, who is not playing by the rules, and wants to change the outcome, then you have to find a way , like closing all the primaries, to keep someone who is not in the script from altering the outcome. Even Vince McMahon can tell you how this is all going to go down. Republican poster boy is Ghouliani, who will take on the cackling queen Billary. Add alot of body slamming and off the top rope flying, with the winner after a bloody battle, Billary. Long live the Empire.

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just released

Paul Campaign Raises Over $5,000,000 In Third Quarter

Two Puppets - Same Puppeteer

That is what a good friend of mine says about our two party system.

Even if the system is as powerful as you believe, I would still fight for Ron Paul. It is better to die on the side of truth than to live on the side of shame.

I've used the same WWE analogy when talking to people

Our country is tricked into believing the charade, despite our cries of "It isn't real!". Meanwhile, both the "good guy" and the "bad guy" are laughing at us because of all those $50 PPV payments.

Excellent scenario but this election you will be wrong !!!

In the past I would agree with this but now that Rep. Paul is in the race
the chances are like the bookies state is 4-1 to me that means that Ron Paul is going to win this nomination.
I see two things that will ruin Rep. paul with me and they are:

1. If he wins and takes an insider on as his Vice-President such as Hagel,Powell,etc.. to me he has sold out just like Reagan did in picking Bush
2. If he accepts Federal money and with acceptance of going along with
whoever is the nominee he will support him as in accordance with the Federal money he received, but if he wins look for the 1st reason to happen
and to me that means the Revolution is gone and we go through a Reagan administration again interventions,more CIA interference, most of all big-corporate more takeover of our economy.

In knowing who Ron Paul is and with his honor and integrity more powerfiul than any big money can buy, we all can look forward to the exposure of all who are and have been leading our country down the tubes.

One last things we need to focus more on how the votes are counted especially since a majority of the states are still using Deibold !!!

GO RON PAUL 2008 !!!!!!

"Freedom is a right that can never be won in war,only by each individual "

excellent scenario

I don't think there is a chance in hell Ron Paul would pick some- one world government, cfr stooge like george bush sr. Ron Paul is so anti establishment its scary.. He knows that he will represent us... those who campaighned and raised money and voted for him. he also knows at 72 years old that there is a chance that the VP may need to take over. I also think that this man Ron Paul will stick to his guns! he hates everything that is unconstitutional. If taking the government matching funds is wrong, then he won't do it! This is why We labor for Ron Paul! he is Honest, and will do what is right for the country as a whole.. not for the individual!