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The Grassroots Say The Fight For 2016 Begins Now

While many in the Liberty movement are still, shall we say, skeptical of Rand Paul there are others who realize that if we do not begin laying the ground works for him in 2016 now, we will indeed have a repeat of 2012.

Do you all remember when every other post here on the Daily Paul talked about delegates? How while Romney was winning the popular vote we, in fact, were winning the delegates. And that there was going to be a surprise victory for Ron Paul in Tampa Florida and he was going to be crowned the nominee. Come time for the countdown... we were all in one sense or another very disappointed.

But we shouldn't of been. The principle of filling up the often vacant PC slots with liberty minded people is as real today as it was in 2012. There is still a fight going on to inform people of the power of a PC and making sure that when the election time comes we will win the majority.

I was at a gun show in the city of Phoenix recently and I came across a table that was advertising a website called Become a PC http://becomeapc.com/ . I talked to the founder of the organization and he explained to me how the fight is as alive now, as it was in 2012. He told me how he is leading the fight in AZ to inform people about how to become PC's. He said their ultimate goal was to get the delegates in 2016 to nominate Rand Paul.

Look here, I know some of you aren't yet ready to support Rand as you did Ron. But please don't think that "we have time" or "there is nothing to do now". If you aren't ready, that is fine, but if you are there is plenty you can do to help now. I am sure their are plenty of organizations like this one in your state that you can get involved with.

I think we have a real chance for Rand Paul in 2016. If you think our energy is better spent on Congressional,Senate, or even sheriff races that is equally important and by becoming a PC you can have great influence over those races as well.

If you, like me, think it is worthwhile to begin campaigning for Rand Paul now, I encourage you to volunteer for this PAC:


I am now a volunteer and they are getting organized to begin advertising and assigning jobs and positions for volunteers. They are also working on a official grassroots website for Rand Paul for President,


"With your help this new website will be a Rand Paul for President hub where our community can share information, create promos, recruit volunteers, collect donations, etc."

I think Rand Paul knows that the grassroots are vital to his possible presidential campaign because he knows that they will pave the way for him to get the needed delegates for the GOP nomination in 2016. We have a real chance here. Look how good we did in 2012 with the delegates. Now imagine four more years of preparation under our belts. And furthermore imagine a candidate that actually not only appealed to Libertarians but also to tea partiers, conservatives, some neo-cons, some moderates, some independents, and even some Democrats. Would anyone here deny that we actually have a VERY viable candidate in Rand Paul. He will not win by luck but by hard work and perseverance from the grassroots.

Let's start the fight NOW...

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Yes. And I feel all the hard

Yes. And I feel all the hard we we put in 2008 and 2012 laid down the groundwork for 2016. We have people in high places. But 2016 is going to be dirty as hell. It's going to come down to the Clinton Machine. If you thought 2012 was bad...