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Your greatest joy?

What is your the greatest joy for you?

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My son

Greatest gift ever.

I'm so glad it's staying light out later. We got to play basketball today after work.

The greatest gift ever given to me. And not only do I teach him school stuff, but spirituality as well. Although he says he considers himself an atheist although "I do believe in a creator." Today I had to tell him he wasn't an atheist.

I wish he was still a little kid. Nothing better in life than a little kid counting.

My boss's son has a kid who is 22 and also has a kid from a new wife who is 3 years old. I teach him shiny money coins are good and to count them. He can count to four and that's about it.

But isn't that fun? Sure his hands were all over a toned 1980 cent, but who cares in the long run. He counted to four. He can keep my coins I pull out of circulation.

Kids are the greatest gift.

Thanks again

For me it is the sound of silence and the beauty of creation. You seem to be in an area where you may enjoy it too. It is utterly amazing to see and sense the workings and daily activities of creation in the natural world. How the wildlife interact with each other and how the atmoshperic conditions along with the sun in constant action. The topography and plant life, the running waters, and at night the heavenly bodies. Even something so simple as a campfire brings the essense of existence to a new dimension. Every step we take, literally or not, God is with us and we are so blessed to experience it in our lives.


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Music is my greatest joy. My niece is amazing and perfect in every way shape and form and my friends and family make me smile and laugh every day.

What does music means for you?

For me music gives me energy to move and act!
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I don't have children yet, but in the future I'm sure that would

be the greatest joy for me.
The greatest joy for me right now is watching nature...life. Animals being born and watching them through all of their growing stages, plants growing that I planted and beautiful scenery. Being outdoors in the country side away from the city. And music.


My greatest joy is knowing that one day ( very soon ), Jesus Christ will come and put an end to all this misery here on earth and for all who believe on Him as Lord and Savior, there awaits an eternity of unspeakable joy and pleasures forever more.

Even so, come Lord Jesus come!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

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Helping others


I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.
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Finding Truth

Greatest struggle: realizing it.

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today it is

my first daffodil blooming :-)