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Political Impasse in the Wake of Italy Elections. Corrupt EU Power Elites Challenged

The result of the elections in Italy is shaking the power elite. The mainstream media all over Europe and internationally portray it as a disaster and blame it on the Italian voters. The disaster seems to be that a relatively young movement (not even a party) has emerged as the strongest single force getting 25% of the vote and is refusing to form a coalition with any of the traditional parties resulting in a stalemate. This young movement calls itself the Five Star Movement (Italian: Movimento 5 Stelle, M5S). Their five stars symbolise what they stand for:

- publicly owned water

- sustainable mobility

- development

- connectivity

- environmental protection

"In Greece, ... The government has now hired mercenaries from Blackwater to protect them from their own people’s anger and to supervise the police to prevent them from siding with the people".

"In Slovenia there is a national uprising going on amidst corruption scandals. During December 2012 tens of thousands of people hit the streets, occupying central squares in major cities around the country chanting now famous political slogans: “It is enough!; It is over with them, they are done! [Gotov je, Gotovi so!]; They are all crooks!”."

By R. Teichman
Global Research.
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