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Best places to buy Silver

I'm poor and don't have a lot, so gold is out of the question. I'm looking to purchase some silver rounds or coins. Where's the best place online to do so?

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If you don't buy locally for cash

(Which, as others explained, is best due to all the snooping these days.) you might try Liberty Coin Service in Michigan. They're nice folks.

local coin store

You can buy silver bullion coins at the local coin store. You can also buy pre-1965 US dimes, quarters, halves and dollar coins on ebay. They are about 95% silver. You pay a bit of a premium for old silver dollars cuz, well, they are cool!

I once met Lew Rockwell at Timothy Leary's house in LA. That is my one big celebrity story. I was pretty much speechless when I met Dr. Leary, but I was able to ask Lew Rockwell if he thought that there was enough gold in private hands to become the currency when the fiat money collapses. He said no. But then he said that there IS enough silver in private hands to become the currency.

History seems to suggest that when a currency collapses, people first turn to barter but then rather quickly turn to the precious metal coins that people horded, in accordance with Gresham's law, when the devalued money went into circulation. Although a significant amount of the pre-65 silver coinage was melted when silver prices jumped a few years back, there is still plenty to be had.

Things that also are likely to be currency when things are ugliest - ammo and cigarettes.

Good luck!

Ebay Using PayPal And Liberty Dollars

I scored 75 1/oz maple leafs yesterday for 17 each plus 20 bucks shipping......no 1099, no paper trail really.....if they come...tell them you already sold it.

LibertyDollar.com is selling new 08 coins....mail only....the feds took all their stuff but it's still perfectly ok to buy from them.

Only use PayPal......it's insured this way.


It seems a number of people

It seems a number of people are concerned about a "paper trail". Is it because people are afraid of it being confiscated in a crisis, paying taxes?

I purchased silver American

I purchased silver American Eagles 2008 (beautiful) from a coin shop in town. I paid cash so there isn't a record of the sale opposed to using a credit card. Plus, you get to take possession right away. I did have to pay tax but no shipping of course. I also purchased some silver dimes.

I don't have a lot money, but my goal is to purchase one American Eagle and some dimes every week.

Personally, I love the look of silver over gold. My favorite metal is platinum but who can afford that?

Trade with all nations; alliances with none. ~Thomas Jefferson

“Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value - zero”. Voltaire-1729

Open a shop

I've opened a store up myself and have a sign out that says "We Buy Gold/Silver". I end up buying silver and gold almost half the market value.
The people in this world are poor and need the money, they don't know the value of gold/silver has shot up the way it did.
Many people don't understand that a morgan dollar has more than $9 worth of silver, so they are happy when I buy it from them for $7.
If I didn't buy it for that much, the pawn shop around the corner would offer much less than I do. The pawn shops hate me because I offer such a 'high' price.
I just opened up a few months ago and am already turning a profit, not many businesses can say that. I'm getting a nice pickup and sometimes I even get platinum pieces I buy accidentally for silver.
You have to know what you're doing though, because there are a lot of fake gold pieces, but that's all stuff you can learn on the way (if you can afford it).

Anyway, if you want to buy some silver buillion I have some, just let me know. I'll probably end up either scrapping them or posting them on Ebay.

You sound just like me

Your story sounds like mine. I can afford about $50-$60 per paycheck which completely eliminates Gold. I've found the purchasing 1oz bars and rounds with the occasional 5oz or 10oz bar best fits my budget. If you are in Denver.. I get mine here...

The best places I've found to purchase isn't online; it's at local coin shops around town. There are several coin shops within 10 - 15 miles from my house and all of them carry silver and gold bullion. Some shops display their collection and others keep the entire collection in a safe, so you may need to ask.

These stores typically charge the cost of silver plus a premium fee per oz of silver. The premiums range anywhere from $0.85 - $1.60 depending on the store. Other coins, such as the United States Silver Eagle (minted by the U.S. Gov't) usually have higher premiums in the $2.00 range. Even though these coins actually have a higher value, I'd recommend just purchasing the generic rounds for the time being.

You'll have to pay taxes by going to these local coin shops, but, if you purchase on the internet you'll have to pay shipping. At least buying at the coin shop you can have it in your hands the moment you pay the money.


They sell American Eagles CHEAP...and they are perfect.

Also they sell the 90% silver bags at or below Spot DREAM DEAL!!!



They sell American Eagles CHEAP...and they are perfect.

Also they sell the 90% silver bags at or below Spot DREAM DEAL!!!


There's some terrific advice

There's some terrific advice here. Thanks to everyone!!!!

Flea market. Online, with a

Flea market. Online, with a green dot card you bought at walgreens and sent to a mail drop is another way, but beyond the scope of what I want to elaborate on to much. I'll give you one way though. The easiest way to get a drop is to go to an apartment building, and find an empty apartment. Bring a mail forwarding form with you, and an empty box. Hang out until the mailman comes. Dash up, empty box in hand, and a mail forwarding form filled out and tell them you are in the middle of moving out, but want to get at mail forwarding form to the post office.

They bring it in, and set up forwarding from the empty apartment for whatever name you used to buy your silver using your green dot card from Walgreens you bought with cash. Change fake forwarded apartments regularly.

I think this would be mail fraud, but is useful information should the purchase be regulated somehow. For informational purposes only, blah,blah,blah ... and those in the know know that this is about the weakest way to set this up, but Google is your friend if you want to take what I said and move on with it.

I make this comment every

I make this comment every time some one asks... go to

Franklin Sanders has absolutely as much integrity as Ron Paul. He was in the movie America Freedom to Fascism.Check out his web-site and his M.A.P. plan, it's made for the little guy. Also call him on the phone. He has a family run business and lives on his own farm. There won't be any sales pitch .The thing local shops do that he won't is charge you a higher spread since you're making a smaller purchase. Plus if you don't know your local coin shop dealer you never know who you're getting. We have a couple decent guys in our town but the one that does the most business has no problem in ripping people off if they're ignorant.

that's a very helpful link for those without a big chunk of

dollars to invest in gold and silver. His MAP plan is unique. Many on-line dealers have large minimum ($2,000-3,000) per purchase. I'm sure it's a hassle for him to do that, but it sure offers an avenue for the working stiff to slowly acquire a portion of savings in precious metals.

Having some percentage of your savings in precious metals is an investment I doubt anyone will be regretting.

Here's one suggestion...

I wouldn't worry too much about being tracked for buying a small quantity of silver ounces. However, getting to know a local coin dealer isn't a bad idea.

For on-line you might look at:


Notice that silver ounces are sold as US coins and as "rounds" from actual silver mining companies. The rounds are usually a bit cheaper, but many people prefer having the official government minted ounces, which may be a bit easier to sell if you want. However, they are both 1 ounce of silver.

I buy the Pan American rounds to save money, but I'm thinking about adding some of the US minted coins. You can see that their prices are not much more than the $1 mark-up listed below and it includes delivery.

Avoid letting anyone sell you "collectible" or "numismatic" coins. They will charge alot more for them, a cost which you may or may not recoup when you sell. The main deal is how much over spot price. Spot price is around $16.

Buying Silver...

One way is locally. Many dealers sell by the ounce and charge about 50 cents over spot. Find someone that will not charge you sales tax or make larger purchases.

Another way, if through Ebay but you must understand the precious metal content of certain coins (coinflation.com-click on silver coins) and calculate shipping etc. -- I am not going to divulge my little niche at the moment because I am buying up silver at about 10-20% below market value but if you look around there and use the site mentioned you will find bargains. Ebay is tough but the bargains are there if you do your homework.

Silver is headed towards $100 per ounce in the next couple of years. You are wise to invest in it. The next big spike will be when they announce that the mortgage insurers are insolvent and need a bailout...any Fed bailout means precious metals go up, the cartel can no longer manipulate at will like before. They have run out of tricks.

I just bought my first

I just bought my first silver pieces Wednesday. I got them from a local coin dealer. I got some whooped circulated Morgans for spot + $1.