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AJ Talks With Rocker and Second Amendment Advocate Ted Nugent


Alex talks with rocker and Second Amendment advocate Ted Nugent about moves by the government to strip Americans of their right to own firearms.

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Ted Nugent Black Power 2013 Tour


"My fire-breathing musical career was literally launched by black musical thundergods such as Bo Diddly, Little Richard, James Brown, Wilson Picket, Sam & Dave, Albert King, BB King, Freddie King, the mighty Funk Brothers, and the epitome of Rock ‘n’ Roll Gods, the master, Chuck Berry. The music these gentlemen created gave birth to my music and all great, moving, soulful music. We owe it all to them."

I saw Bo Diddly in '91, at the concert, he played a handful of songs that I don't think were ever released. He spoke to the audience that night on the topic of social consciousness, shoutin' out, "In America, this should not be, this should not be in our country. Not in America." (Bo Knows)... our Country was in decline. Wish a song could have come from this impromptu improvisational Blues jam.

"I, __________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic."


There is no duration defined in the Oath

Nugent had sex with 12 yr old

New York Post in 2004:

Courtney Love phoned into The Howard Stern Show on Monday (March 22) before eventually coming into the studio where she made the shocking allegation that one of the first times she had oral sex was with Ted Nugent. She said she was young and she didn’t want to say exactly how old she was, but eventually confessed she was 12-year-old – which would have made Nugent approximately 28 years old at the time. The New York Post attempted to contact Nugent for a response but was unsuccessful. Moderators at Nugent’s official forum deleted the only thread asking about the topic as evidenced by the forum’s search giving a file not found error for the matched thread. She added it was a long time ago and she didn’t even have breasts yet.


I like to add that Ted had some animal rights activist arrested in San Fran. over BS. (And before some of you cry, I dont support them)

The whole story was told on the stern show a few years ago, hopefully someone here can get a copy of it.

He did the Hollywood thing and said the hippies were threatening him and his family. They were arrested, but all (top level felonies) charges were dropped.

BECAUSE HE LIED! Luckily for these folks security cameras caught the whole thing.

Did the NYPD file charges against this well known celebrity for a false report?

Of course not. Ted is an elitist Scum.

Stern even nailed Ted on this but Ted never admitted it was BS.
Ted is an Ass and deserves to be treated like one.

He is a freedom Lover - my Arse!

I just found this. Oh my god the 100lb hippies scare me.

In 2000, Bhaskar Sinha was jailed briefly following an incident with Nugent outside a department store in San Francisco in which he allegedly threatened and physically assaulted Nugent



No wonder why Romney

was his man for president! 2 birds of a feather in many ways. I never cared for his "music" inn the 60s and 70s.

Liberty is on the march, tyranny is on the run!


At least Romney has been faithful to his wife, as far as I can tell.

Liberty is on the march, tyranny is on the run!

yep, there is that.

yep, there is that. Been doing more research, the hypocrisy from this guy enormous.