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If An Obama Sequester Fell In The Forest

LOS ANGELES, February 27, 2013—If the Obama sequester takes place in the forest and nobody is around to witness it, was anything actually cut?

There are zero spending cuts taking place. Nothing is being cut. No tree shall fall.

President Obama is engaging in reckless hyperbole because that is what he does when public opinion is not on his side. He told us his healthcare plan would be the Panglossian best of all possible worlds. Now he is telling us that refusing to spend into bankruptcy on social programs is the worst of all possible worlds.

Obama gambled, and he lost. He calculated awhile back that most Republicans would never agree to defense cuts. The GOP would do anything to avoid defense cuts, and agree to his “balanced approach” on higher taxes in exchange for nothing.

By pitting the Neocons against the Ron Paul supporters, Obama would break the GOP into little pieces. The divide and conquer strategy worked with the fiscal cliff negotiations, but not this time.

So what made Neocons accept the Ron Paul position on defense? Why would defense hawks agree to cuts?

The main reason is that there are no cuts at all. The rate of growth is being slowed. There is not a single cut. Beyond that, Republicans have had it with President Obama. He has never cut a single program. He has never stated exactly what program he would cut. He speaks in banal generalities because the media does not require any substance from him. Republicans faced a simple choice. Either agree to some defense cuts, or get no cuts at all in anything. In other words, Obama’s bullying tactics pushed the GOP away from the table.

Conservatives understand that it is impossible to work with a man who is not a serious individual. There can be no “grand bargain” in the tradition of Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Neill because Obama does not bargain in good faith. He breaks his word, and now conservatives just do not trust him.

Trust is key. Defense hawks may be opposed to the Ron Paul movement on defense issues, but we know where they stand. We may disagree with them, but they do not lie to us.

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