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Ernst Zundel Warns The Jews About Doing To America What They Did To Germany

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we've been expecting you

O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

Only hate-filled fools blame the Jews.

Even if the Jews were guilty of EVERY allegation ever thrown at them, their crimes would pale in comparison to the number committed by Christians throughout history. My problem is with the government, not some minority group of my fellow Americans. The only group of people screwing us are politicians, and I don't blame anyone for taking advantage of the system that has been set up for us.


For a minority forming less than one quarter of one percent of the world's population, Jews are massively disproportionately represented

are we seriously blaming the jews

for what happened to germany?


if i didn't know better i'd suspect this was a concerted effort to destroy the dp and replace it with the dailybeck (blaze)

so it begins etc

fuck off

Yes They Are

Very suspicious of the wave of anti-jew threads on here recently...

"Very suspicious of the wave of anti-jews"


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Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

a nation conquered from with in.

Are not the media, finance, and politics dominated by one voice which promotes the interest of a single class of people?
Call them Zionist or globalist or what ever, we are a nation conquered from with in.

I thought the communists

conquered us from within? did the jews conquer the conquering communists? im confused

They are the communists. Take

They are the communists. Take a look at the rank and file of the democratic party.

I thought Democrats

hate Israel and the Republicans stand with them.. now I'm really confused

neocons I> Israeli Firsters

The term "neoconservative" (sometimes shortened to "neocon") was first used to describe American communist intellectuals who criticized Soviet ideology.

Me too

This is the way so many conversations go on this website.

Person 1: The Jews are responsible for negative outcomes X, Y and Z.

Person 2: That's anti-Semitic.

Person 1: No it's not. There's a difference between Zionists and Jews.

...Well then why they heck do you start off by blaming Jews?

I agree

I, having jewish heritage, agree. The post should say Zionist because almost all that claim to be Zionist Jews are not Jews at all.

Good point out... keep

Good point out... keep posting that... hopefully it will change. Similar to blaming all muslims for extreme jihad

Jesus wasn't crucified by Jews--

Most of His followers were Jews. He was crucified by the "leaders" of the Jews, and He warned His Jewish followers to beware of them. Not all the leaders of the Jews were evil either--

but some were. They did most of their work in darkness, and they didn't care how many Jews they killed.

It is the same today, and it is the same with all groups--

all groups: every nation, every race, every linguistic group, every religion--

there are always some who work in darkness, and generally they are good at gaining power--

and then good men/women die.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

The Romans killed Jesus.

The indigenous population of the prefecture mocked the prisoners and said to crucify them. But the Romans did the deed: the arrest, conviction, persecution and execution.

technically yes--

but the Romans had no reason to take Jesus, beyond which the elders of the Jews wanted Him to be crucified. *I* believe that the 'indigenous population' were much like those now who are paid to show up and be angry--

The simple, poor, humble people had no reason to hate Jesus and want Him crucified.

I use the word crucified for a reason; Jesus could have saved Himself; He chose to do what He did, because:

"God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son . . ."

But the fact that the Romans did it (when they only had power over life) was a technicality, and pointing it out to anyone who has read the Gospels as much as I have is . . .

straining at gnats.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Not true

Romans feard the return of the king. Romans feared a messianic revolt. This is all documented history. Romans feared a Maccabean-style revolt.

They openly persecuted people for "thought-crimes" such as speaking out against the Emperor, speaking out against the Empire, speaking out against the occupation, etc.

So, yes, Romans had quite ample reason to take Jesus. The thing is that Jesus supported non-violence, so they deferred the decision to Caephus, who may have, in fact, been an early convert, whom Jesus instructed to go ahead and issue a conviction, as the sacrifice had to be made of his body one way or another.

I give up--

You may have some valid points--

but then why did Jesus say, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do?"--

referring to the centurions?

Yes, they were the 'little guys'--

Why do you so stridently insist that the leaders of the Jews were not evil? They persecuted Jesus and hounded Him, and He warned His followers against them, so why would you defend people like that?

I believe Jesus' words, and He called the Pharisees whited sepulchres--

so, that is what they were--

why wrest His words?

The fact that the Pharisees (and other Jewish leaders) worked hand in hand with the Romans who were also demagogues (the leaders)--

is a vital point that should be remembered for today!

Evil people band together (whatever their religious persuasion) to wreck destruction on the righteous--

the story has been told over and over again--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--


was crucified under Roman Rule, by the Jewish Population due to the sin of humanity and the need to complete the original covenant.

To be honest, Jesus was crucified by all of us. Additionally, He had to die.

Yes, of course, I know that, but the 'elders' of the Jews (leade


were the ones who asked Pontius Pilate (the Roman governor) to crucify Him.

They were the ones who conspired.

Many of the Jews did not want Him crucified; there was a mob (there is always a mob); I wonder how much the leaders of the Jews paid the mob to shout for Jesus' crucifixion--

I know that He chose to die. I know that. But I also know that He knew exactly who His killers were. The 'elders' of "his own" people--

This point should not be forgotten when any history of any people is discussed--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Jesus was also the heir of King David....

...which scared the **** out of the indigenous elders for several reasons 1) he could claim the throne, being that he is a direct descendant from David through both sides Joseph and Miriam (Mary) and they would lose power and 2) they were concerned about a bloody revolt against the Romans, ala the Maccabeean revolt against the Greeks, not dissimilar to what Homeland Security is trying to do to us now.

with this I do agree--


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Glass Steagall is just more

Glass Steagall is just more government regulation of the economy. I don't buy for one second that THE JEWS conspired to get it repealed. But if it is true, then good for them.

I have been thinking the same.

I can see how anti-zionism is growing, even in my own country. What happened in Germany was not without reason. It is sadly that a just few power greedy people puts all others at risk.

Please enlighten us how "what

Please enlighten us how "what happened in Germany' was within reason.

of course it was not within reason--

not at all. Hitler was a maniac, and he went after the wrong people--

as always happens. He went after ordinary, hard-working Jews who meant no harm to anyone, and those very few men who were bankers (and mostly Jewish by birth, but probably not very nice Jews at all)--

who called for a boycott of the German economy--

for economic reasons--

escaped. Without any harm--

while those who were completely innocent were blamed for it.

Does this sound familiar? It happens in every nation, among every race, in every religious group.

It is became people collectivize.

If a: Baptist, Bhuddist, Catholic, Hindu, Jew, Mormon, Muslim--

gains power and does something to threaten someone--

others in power will go to the 'little' Baptists, Bhuddists, Catholics, Hindus, Jews, Mormons, and Muslims--

and try to take their blood for what the 'big' ones did--

And the majority will either not know it is happening or will stand by, helpless, as it happens.

And the perpetrators are never caught, never brought to justice--in this life.

Sometimes I wonder if Hitler and those bankers were on a first name basis--

as they watched the innocents burn.


Churchill admitted that the war and the destruction of 'little' Jews could have been prevented, but it would have been inconvenient to the bankers--


Hitler was an obvious madman, so he takes the blame, but Churchill was just as evil, not to mention Stalin and FDR--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Funny how the whole liberty

Funny how the whole liberty movement's message was based on Jew's philosophy...mises and rothbard. But you can ignore that fact I guess, right?

Cause of national socialism in Germany:

So many who survived the Holocaust want to make sure that it is simply not forgotten.

I think it is more important that the cause is identified so that future such horrors can be prevented.

Ayn Rand was born into a Jewish family and her name was Alissa Rosenbaum. She was twelve when the Bolsheviks took over Russia and created the socialist state there.

She was inspired by certain characters in literature and decided to become a writer herself in order to create the kind of heroic characters who inspired her as a child. She came to realize that heroes are those who are loyal to their values and she set out to discover what values it made sense to be loyal to.

She discovered that the prevailing wisdom in most theologies held that human beings are sacrificial animals who should sacrifice themselves for the benefit of others. Ayn Rand rejected the idea and premise that humans are sacrificial animals, rather that each human being has a right to exist for his or her own sake and that all interactions among them should be by mutual consent, rejecting the initiation of force.

Her philosophy of Objectivism is based on the concept that Existence exists and that Consciousness is conscious. Human beings possess a volitional conceptual consciousness and must learn how to think in order to achieve their goals.

Her writings show the role of philosophy in reality. Leonard Peikoff studied the rise of Nazism from a philosophical perspective. He identified the premises which came to prevail in the German culture and traced those ideas all the way back to Plato. His book, The Ominous Parallels, presents his case and shows how Nazism came to power.

Lovers of freedom would learn from reading Peikoff's book and might discover that some of their own premises were at the root of that horror.

Another work is that of Hannah Arendt who wrote The Origins of Totalitarianism which compares the totalitarian dictatorships in Russia and Germany. Valentin Chu wrote Ta,Ta, Tan, Tan as a Time correspondent in Hong Kong who interviewed those who swam to their freedom from all over China under Mao. Victor Kravchenko wrote I Chose Freedom, the story of an engineer who rose in the ranks to the Kremlin and witnessed the collectivization of the Kulaks before he defected to the West.

There is only one thing which might save this country and that is if we all continue to read and read and read. Both Ron Paul and Ayn Rand recommended the works of Ludwig von Mises which are all available online at www.mises.org in the literature section.

Just my two cents.

No Man's need constitutes an obligation on the part of another man to fulfill that need.