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Every Sheriff in Florida Pledges to Protect Second Amendment Rights

On Sunday, Feb. 17, Watch Dog Wire reported that they received an email from Constitutional Sheriffs stating that all 67 sheriffs in the counties of Florida have signed a pledge declaring that they not only support the Second Amendment, but that they will protect the right of the people to keep and bear arms. 67, that’s every single county in the state.

Florida has become the first state to receive 100% support from every sheriff, which makes a huge statement opposing tyrannical acts against the United States Constitution. A statement that many other states are most likely soon to follow.


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I would like to see a PDF

Of the pledge they signed and the signatures. I haven't seen a news article that even quotes the pledge and the original "Constitutional Sheriff's Posse" website is down for maintenance. Either this is outstanding news that has been missed or this is more than wishful thinking.