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WOW #2 -All I did is Google "Israel Purim", and this came up...



...and on mobile Bing search too...


It links to...


and my neo-con friend, who refuses to personally investigate that there is NO PROOF of the wreckage of an Americans Airlines 757 on the Pentagon property on that fateful day says; "that only tells me there are a lot of whack jobs on the internet!"

He understands Google, he understands what webhits are...can anyone find out how many hits Dr. Kevin Barnett's article has actually gotten in the past six hours, or, how he got his article to respond FIRST without even using the year "2013" in my search?

Will Google knock it down?

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It's really not relevant of

It's really not relevant of what they think or believe. We shouldn't be meddling in any countries affairs.

Don't get me wrong

I'm 100% for re-opening the 9/11 investigation (with an independent group - not one commissioned by government). However, I feel pretty confident in saying that those 2 little kids weren't involved in any of this. For all we know, maybe they view it as "the day the world changed in support of Israel" or something along those lines.

Personally I don't know what the truth is regarding 9/11 but I think the *least plausible* explanation is the "official story".

Cui bono?

Isn't that always the first question? Who benefits? Fishyculture posted a Website the other night.


It is fabulous.

Point is, I found this there.
Jewish Destruction of Western Culture

I already suspected Israel as the main orchestrator of 911 but this documentary sealed the deal for me. I already suspected the title of the film was happening but did not have a clear motive until now. Please have a look. It is not hateful. Just logical.

Did you notice the meaning of the holiday, Purim? It is a celebration of defeat and death of an enemy, from some biblical story.

I doubt this no more than I doubt American involvement in the .

. . middle east--

but just as most Americans are innocent of wrongdoing (though some of those are brainwashed supporters of the nefariousness)--

I believe many Israelis are not aware, and I, again, as always, stress the importance of separating this behavior from the attitudes and behaviors of world Jewry. World Jewry has a much more balanced perspective, for the most part, and when I state that I do not include AIPAC--

but there are many Jewish activists who don't represent the values of either AIPAC or the Israeli intelligence machinators, and some of these are based in America.

Not all American Jews are pro-Israel, and many who are not in Israel and in other countries are definitely not pro-Israel.

America and Israel have a very bizarre, dysfunctional relationship (the powerbrokers of each nation)--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--


I completely agree.

Please watch the interview though.


I do not think it is hateful, racist, or wrong. It is just really interesting. And why is it that this group owns all of our media, our government, the banks, and our justice system? It is a legitimate question. The interviewee, Kevin MacDonald, is a professor from the California State University.



If you have any doubts about Israeli involvement, just watch this. 14 through 26 minute mark is particularly damning!

Thanks, I saw it.

And then there is Christopher Bollyn who has reams of impossible information.

Someone linked this Israeli Site last night

with the photo on it. It is still up.


Look how overweight the females are in those pics. They even poison their own people.


Overweight? They look healthy

Overweight? They look healthy and attractive.

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-1 Thats not nice. Remember


Thats not nice. Remember the golden rule.

I completely missed your point.

And the joke.

Yes the kiddos dresses at the

Yes the kiddos dressed as the towers are bad, but look at the rest of the people in the other photos, aside from the young ones, they are all overweight.

So TPTB are poisoning their own too.


Sadly for them,

Israelis, they are fodder too. I guess the sperm count is as low as any group. Not sure why and I can't pass the resource, but true.

Please watch this:

Aww, i'll have to stop the

Aww, i'll have to stop the streaming on fishys link to watch this, but I'll entertain you and take a look see since you were nice enough to advance the link forward.



You'll get hooked streaming on fishy's link.

Fur shure. ((((Fishy))))

I just learned what ((())) means.

Hugs Fishy!

And I was nice, I didn't down

And I was nice, I didn't down vote you....



Read these top rated comments regarding tower costume

Shimon Dyskin · Top Commenter
התחפושת של מגדלי התאומים מזעזעת וחסרת תאקט. למה שלא יתחפשו למסעדת סבארו מפוצצת או לאוטובוס קרוע? מתאים יותר לערבי להתחפש ככה.
Reply · 25(LIKES) · · February 22 at 2:39am


"Costume of the twin towers and an Tact shocking. Why do not masquerade as a Sbarro restaurant or bus blown torn? Arab dress more appropriate way."

Max Bourne
אני מרחם על הילדים שמחופשים למגדלי התאומים שיש להם הורים לא מפותחים עם מנת משכל מתחת לאפס שאירגנו להם את התחפושת המחרידה הזאת.
ומעבר לזה, איך אין התייחסות של כותב הכתבה הזאת לאותה תחפושת.
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"I pity the children dressed as the Twin Towers parents who have not developed with an IQ below zero, they organized this terrible costume.
And beyond that, how no reference of this article writes that costume."

Not everybody hates us...
Long time viewer, first time posting.

Did you research the meaning of the holiday, Purim?

It is a celebration of the Jewish people's defeat and death of an enemy.

I am not criticizing any individual. I am wondering about the goals and strategy of a collective ethnic group. Ethnocentricity is completely natural. But at some point the enemy, ie: Western culture, us, needs to wake up and figure out why this particular ethnic group owns their government, media, banks, justice system, and whatever else.

Watch this:

Purim cookies represent the ears of the defeated enemy

I can't remember in which book I read this, but supposedly on Purim they eat triangular shaped cookies which represent the ears of slain enemies. Have you ever heard this before? Is there anything to this?

Oh lord. Ears, okay.

I do not know about ears but they do burn Haman's Effigy. He was the Persian dude that they celebrate defeating.


Burning of Haman's Effigy.

Outside the synagogue the pranks indulged in on Purim by both children and adults have been carried even to a greater extreme. Some of them date from the Talmudic period (see, e.g., the tale in Meg. 7b; Sanh. 64b and Rashi ad loc.; comp. also "'Aruk," s.v. and Abudarham, l.c.). As early as the fifth century (see Schudt, l.c. ii. 309), and especially in the geonic period (9th and 10th cent.), it was a custom to burn Haman in effigy on Purim. This is described in the "'Arnk" (l.c.) as follows: "Four or five days before Purim the young men make an effigy of Haman and hang it on the roof. On Purim itself they make a bonfire into which they cast the effigy while they stand around joking and singing, at the same time holding a ring above the fire and waving it from side to side through the fire" (see Ginzberg in "J. Q. R." xvi. 650; Abudarham, l.c.; Brück, l.c.). In Italy the Jewish children used to range themselves in rows, and pelt one another with nuts; while the adults rode through the streets with fir-branches in their hands, shouted, or blew trumpets round a doll representing Haman and which was finally burned with due solemnity at the stake (Abrahams, l.c. p. 260; and especially Güdemann, "Gesch." p. 211, Vienna, 1884). In Frankfort-on-the-Main it was customary to make a house of wax wherein the figures of Haman and his executioner, also of wax, were placed side by side. The whole was then put on the almemar, where stood also the wax figures of Zeresh, the wife of Haman, and two guards—one to her right and the other to her left—all attired in a flimsy manner, and with pipes in their mouths. As soon as the reader began to read the Megillah the house with all its occupants was set on fire to the enjoyment of the spectators (comp. Schudt, l.c. ii. 309; S. Cassel, "Juden," in Ersch and Gruber, "Encyc." section ii., part 27, pp. 78 et seq.).

It must be mentioned here that these customs often aroused the wrath of Christians, who interpreted them as a disguised attempt to ridicule Jesus and the cross and issued prohibitions against them; e.g., under the reign of Honorius (395-423) and of Theodosius II. (408-450; comp. Schudt, l.c. ii. 309, 317, and Cassel, l.c.). Moreover, the Rabbis themselves, to avoid danger, tried to abolish the obnoxious customs, often even calling the magistracy to their aid, as in London in 1783 (see Mahamad).

That's right, they're Haman's ears!

Hamantash is also known as hamentasch, homentash, homentasch, or even (h)umentash. The name "hamantash" (Yiddish: המן־טאַש), is commonly known as a reference to Haman, the villain of Purim, as described in the Book of Esther. The pastries are supposed to symbolize the defeated enemy of the Jewish people, and thus resemble the "ears of Haman".[3]

Thanks's for jogging my memory.

thanks for posting