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Why The Kennedy Assassination Still Matters Greatly

It would be interesting to compile a list of things that the average person would find so much at odds with their conventional beliefs were the truth to be revealed. I don't think the average person thinks much about the JFK assassination. However, imagine the documents that the government has been holding back all these years were revealed and it turned out that there was a heck of a lot more to the story than Lee Harvey Oswald. Imagine if people started reading the memos and stories came out that George HW Bush and the CIA were involved. I know there are probably a lot of people who already think that's the case. But what about the general public? Imagine they were to read this stuff. Wouldn't that at least provide a crack in the "trust the government propaganda" that we always hear? Couldn't that be used in arguments w/ the Piers Morgan's of the world when he tries to convince the public that we don't need our 2nd amendment rights to protect us from all enemies foreign AND domestic?

Well, in November, it's the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination. And if the government is sticking to their "lone nut gunman" story then why in the world would so many documents related to the case still be classified? Public pressure on this issue would be very interesting. It's hard to imagine what the spin would be for not releasing this info.

Keep in mind that Jeb Bush is very possibly going to be a player for the presidential elections in 2016. So the Bush family would definitely not want any JFK info that ties in the Bush family to be released. I doubt they'll ever want this to be released actually. And keep in mind that Marco Rubio is pretty close w/ the Bush family so that could soil his name as well. Of course, if the Bush family is completely innocent then they should have no concerns whatsoever about JFK stuff being released.

But we still have a little over 8 months before the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination. In other words, there's still a little bit of time to pressure the government to release this stuff. Can we DPers push for this? It might be a VERY good use of our time and effort.

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Bill Hicks

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Worth another bump (from 3/13)

A bump for this program as well:

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truth package

unwrapping may be troubling, but the truth is not always easy

O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

It Matters Greatly

If the truth about the JFK assassination and who was behind it became front page news in America, we could turn this country back 50 yrs., and be done with all those who have made this country the mess it is today.
If the coverups of the JFK, RFK, MLK, and JFK Jr. assassinations were exposed and true justice allowed to prevail, the American people would be "Instantanly Snapped" out of their "Cognitive Dissonance", and the responsible bastards that are still alive would be hung.
The truth about all of this is out there and known to many. But how to get it presented is the hard part right now. Always remember that November 22, 1963 was the turning point and beginning of the next stage of the takeover of America.

The thing that stands out more than any other ...

... is that the government's own "official theory" of what happened on 11/22/1963 is that it was "probably a conspiracy" ... and yet very few Americans know that.

Long after the Warren Commission, the House Select Committee on Assassinations did a 2nd investigation. They had the benefit of the Warren Commission's "research," "investigation," and conclusions, and yet they REJECTED the Warren Commission's findings.

The HSCA found that there were at least 4 shots fired, at least 1 was most likely from the area of the grassy knoll, and that it was "probably a conspiracy."

That is the US GOVERNMENT'S last investigation into the matter and, therefore, their OFFICIAL position.

And yet ...

All we ever hear from the Propaganda Media is the lone gunman and Warren Commission.

Talk about a conspiracy ...

The Kennedy Assasination Matters

For the same reasons that Sandy Hook, 911, Gulf of Tonkin, Operation Northwoods, the Gifford's incident, Osama Bin Ladin, Weapons of Mass destruction...etc...matter.

It would be a much better world if all the innocent people of America woke up to the lies they are fed. Purely contrived and executed events to force problem/reaction/solution scenarios and facilitate fundamental changes to the nation...always in a bad direction but sold as warranted and good....NOT.

Fair Enough

But the difference I'd say is that the 50th year since JFK's death is in November and it presents us an opportunity to try to get more light shone on it. Maybe raise the question amongst the public of "what is there to be kept classified when the Warren Commission ruled that there was a single shooter involved and the event took place 50 years ago".

I don't know if his demise

I don't know if his demise was "for the worse." Kennedy was willing to risk World War III in the Cuban Missile Crisis. LBJ, for all his faults, was never quite that reckless.

Maybe Kennedy

was just a really good poker player ever think of that?

Of all the theories

whether it be Castro, Russia, the CIA, the FBI, Vietnam's Diem assination, or Johnson, the one I most lean towards believing is that by signing executive order 11110 on 6-4-1963, which returned the power to the government to issue currency effectively neutering the Federal Reserve, is what cost him his life.

Ain't gonna happen....

...that stuff will never be released & even if it was, anything that could spark distrust of the Warren Commission would be excised.

The People are brain dead. Whenever Clinton's name comes up, people invariably talk about what a good president he was. I say, "He was a murderer!" and people respond, "What?????" and I bring up Waco & the fact that he ordered the murder of those men, women & children. People sputter, make all kinds of excuses & my "murderer" comment goes right over their heads.

Now, if The People can't even remember 20 years back to when Clinton was a murderer & care, then they sure as hell aren't going to remember Kennedy or want to do anything about the cover-up of his murder. I'll bet if OJ Simpson wasn't in jail, he'd be on talk shows right now & people would have forgotten/forgiven him for what he did.

Executive Order 13526

signed by Obama in Dec. 2009. Levels of classified documents include top secret, secret, and confidential with the categories being restricted, formerly restricted, and national security information. The document gets a date of either 10 years or 25 from its origin assigned by the agency that produced the document. Then when that date arrives the agency can ask to extend it another 25 years. Previously most documents were given 25 years and the census 72 years. US House of Representatives gave classified documents 50 years. (If anyone finds an error in what I have stated, please correct it.)

It is not a crime to release classifed documents or the majority of congress and the president would be in prison. However, the release of documents can be used against you in an espionage case ala Bradley Manning.



I think they rely on a good deal of time passing because...

...people often become apathetic. We've seen evidence of that with 9/11 and that was much more recent.

Also, if they wait long enough, those involved will be dead.

I don't know how they even get away with sealing or classifying such things. Everyone knows it's just cover up when they do that.

One thing is still not clear

Had CIA taken orders from Mossad or just money from Rothschilds?

Just Sayin' -

The Truth is not always easy
follow the link and have eyes opened; notice dates

O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

But its still the Truth


O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

Interesting Article

Here is an interesting article about this subject.


Good Speech about JFK I came across last week.

I happened upon a speech by Michael Parenti called JFK and The Ganster Nature of The State. It had be a long time since I'd done any research on JFK but I decided to give it a listen and see if it was interesting. I'd never heard of Michael Parenti but he is a good speaker. He's entertaining and provides lots of intriquing tid bits about the day JFK was shot. Part 1 is 29 minutes and part 2 is about 15 (I think)

Anyway, if anyone wants to listen...go to:

Select Links:
Michael Parenti JFK & “The Gangster Nature of The State” Part 1
Michael Parenti JFK & “The Gangster Nature of The State” Part 2

Look, if they are not gonna punish "W" for war crimes...

why would it matter whether or not they punish his daddy for murdering JFK?

I always wondered why Joseph P. didn't have his mob buddies "do" George H.W., anyway. Seems like an easy hit to me.

I think someone downvoted you

because Joseph had his stoke in 1961 but did not die until 11-18-1969 outliving all his sons except for Edward.

I can't understand why people

I can't understand why people here are trying to turn into a hero a man who ordered the assassination of foreign leaders, got us embroiled in Vietnam, and was one of the greatest champions of the military-industrial complex.

The cover up regarding his assassination is the point...

...Not whether he was a hero or not.

Cover up of what? Oswald, a

Cover up of what? Oswald, a loose cannon if there was one, did it all by his lonesome. He also killed a police officer. Was that covered up too?

BTW, many DO portray JFK as a good guy who wanted to do such wonderful things as abolish the Fed, get us out of Vietnam, etc. Me thinks too many of them watch Oliver Stone movies and accept his portrayal of the scumbag warmonger JFK as a "shining knight."

I don't agree that Oswald acted alone

I'm even pretty sure he didn't pull the trigger, based on the lack of fingerprints on the gun and the absence of gunpowder residue on his hands. Couple that with the inability of FBI sharpshooters to replicate Oswald's performance with the same gun, and the improbable pathway the 'magic' bullet took, it is highly unlikely Oswald hit anything even if he did pull the trigger. Add in the 50% of witnesses who said the shots came from the grassy knoll...and you've got a lot of evidence for an alternate theory that neatly explains the wounds, the timing of the shots, and the crowd action (rushing the grassy knoll), all without resorting to impossible 'magic' bullet scenarios.

All of that evidence pre-dates the Oliver Stone movie by 10 years.

Of what, you ask? Well, if they'd release the documents...

...then we'd know, wouldn't we. ;)

As for Oswald doing it all by his lonesome, I didn't think there were any serious people who still believed in the magic bullet theory. *shrug*

President Johnson

got us involved in Vietnam, Kennedy just had advisers there with no intentions of starting a ground war.

Johnson had motive and his own hit man...

Read this story I found on Beforeitsnews.com months ago.


Johnson certainly had profound hatred for JFK. His audacious behavior after the assassination is appalling but he had the power lust and enough sociopathy to act as if innocent. He was profoundly evil and despicable when you consider how he looked Jacqueline in the eye and spoke to her as if her friend.

I do believe this version as it is plausible and Johnson had the motivation to arrange it.


No Man's need constitutes an obligation on the part of another man to fulfill that need.

Listen to the Johnson tapes

Listen to the Johnson tapes from 1964. He sounds like a libertarian peacenik and warns presciently about the dangers of a ground war...yet he did it anyway. Talk is cheap, especially from a politician. The hard reality is that the warmonger, statist playboy Kennedy dramatically increased advisers, many of whom had combat roles. There is every reason to believe from his actions that he was headed down the same road as LBJ.

Also, let me remind you, that Kennedy gave a green light to the MURDER of Diem, only a month before his assassination. Some libertarian hero!