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Does anyone else get creeped out at how many cameras are on our streets? Many of them are tucked away in "unassuming" types of spots. I was thinking that a good idea for a project would be to create a website that was based on some sort of mapping technology (e.g. google maps - though it doesn't have to be their map application).

The idea would be to have people take pictures of the cameras and then submit them (along w/ an exact location) to a website. That website would then mark a "pin point" on a map.

Users of this website could then log in and check on the map in their local area to see just how much surveillance of them is going on.

I don't know how to build this but maybe this is something the DP community can work on? Of course we'd have to find out if the concept for this site would be legal before proceeding. I have a strong gut feeling there would be major objection by TPTB. But then again, can't it be argued that the cameras are "legal" because there's no expectation of privacy in a public place? So can't it also be argued that there's no expectation of privacy of all of these cameras?

Of course, we all know that exposing this type of stuff can get you you in very serious trouble (e.g. Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, and the guy in the URL below) so we'd have to do some research before proceeding.


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