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Julie Borowski on Rand Paul

Julie Borowski may possibly have some good points. However, Julie does need to be corrected: I whole-heartedly disagree that Ron Paul was not in it to win. Ron ran three times. He urged a delegate strategy. It is not up to any candidate to decide a win or loss, but rather, The People. Make NO mistake, the election was stolen, plain and simple: http://jaretglenn.wordpress.com/2012/07/31/how-the-republica...

I am not promoting Rand at this point and time. I will continue to vet based upon voting records. It is important, however, to never forget corruption that commonly takes place and most likely will again, and to remember lessons learned along the way.

Here is Julie's take on Rand:


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SORRY JULIE.. the DP now censoring / burying all news involving

SORRY JULIE.. the DP now censoring / burying all news involving R.a.n.d P.a.u.l!


This sucks.

I will support Rand.

But right now, hasn't the "Cut Rand off at the knees" talk simmered down?

Again, though, for the record, Rand is not his father and I see that. He is not the Great "Dr NO" that his father was.

No interest in Julie anymore?


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

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Thanks PAF

I saw this video a while ago. Julie is smart, she is energetic, passionate, and funny. She wakes people up and I think she is good at what she does.

However, I see her throwing her support behind Rand more aggressively as time goes on. She said it herself she wants a candidate that "can win."

I watch a lot of her videos and as with any other commentator I like some of what she says and I dislike other things she says.

Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That'll teach you to keep your mouth shut. Hemingway


It is a most difficult decision for me to make. If Rand runs and does win, he would represent much of what we would like. Not all, but a lot. But how he goes about it.. would the American people really learn the truth? This causes concern because whatever happens, there will be people who will be in disagreement, many dems will tire of him and then prop another dem immediately after. It does nothing to change the hearts and minds and the course of this nation.

But then, there is no doubt that this term is utterly sinking our nation. 2016 will be the nail in the coffin if anybody else should win.

I have much to think about over the next couple of years. Meantime, I hope and pray that Ron continues his tour, as I [and others] continue to work C4L, shows, meetings and other events and hope that liberty will spread.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul