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Daniel Hannan and Nigel Farage might join forces

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Can someone please explain

Can someone please explain what this is all about. I watched the video, so I get it's an EU thing, but who are these people and what is their goal/position. More importantly, how does it effect the US besides lending/detracting credibility to the EU?

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Liberty is not only a US

Liberty is not only a US thing there is so much happening outside of the states that everyone should be aware of! imagine if the world got together for the liberty cause! reserach these two and you will see and hear and realise that they are on the same wavelength as us.....enjoy, love listening to Farage

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Both are MEPs (EU equivalent

Both are MEPs (EU equivalent to Congressmen). On the member-state level Hannan is part of the UK Conservative Party, which generally has a states' rights approach on the EU, while Farage is part of the UK Independence Party, that has a secessionist approach on the EU. However, Hannan, like many in his party, is also open to the idea of secession.

Both Hannan and Farage describe themselves as libertarians.

Hannan is more intellectual, he's a big fan of the US founding fathers, he's well versed in the Austrian School of Economics and is connected to the GOP establishment (Priebus, Ryan, Rubio and Gingrich are all friends of his) and the leadership of the Canadian Conservatives and Australian Liberals, although he also likes Ron Paul. Hannan is a frequent guest on FOX News, Beck, Cavuto, etc love to have him on to attack socialized healthcare. He spoke at CPAC in 2012. Despite his popularity with the establishment of foreign parties, Hannan is not well-liked by British Conservative Party leaders (the Prime Minister accused him of being eccentric). Hannan's foreign policy is generally non-interventionist on Iraq and Libya, but he is hawkish on Iran.

Farage is more grassroots and populist. He is not so well known in the US but does get some exposure from RT and Alex Jones. He is not as libertarian as Hannan and wants to ban the burqa (Muslim female headgear)in public. He is strongly opposed to immigration. Farage is very non-interventionist but does not often discuss his stance on war.

Both want to bring powers back from the EU to the state governments and if possible, leave the EU altogether.

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The list of all my past postings, and watch the videos of Nigel Farage and Dan Hannan. This will give you a better idea of what they beleive. They are good allies to have on the other side of the pond.




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