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Delete please

Delete please, I do not like being accused of purposely misleading people.

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Who edited my post?

The title is did not have the (unloaded) in it when I made it.

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I did

Because the title as you had it (Utah Passes HB 0076 !) was misleading.

1) Utah did not pass the law - the bill passed the House of Representatives. It did not pass the Senate, nor was it signed into law by the governor.

2) It doesn't allow for concealed carry, as you excitedly said, it only allows for it if the gun is unloaded.

I changed the title to put it on the front page. You can write whatever you want, but if it is blatantly misleading, I'm not going to put misleading info on the front page.


ha, aint the net grand !



the owner of the site puts ur

the owner of the site puts ur post on front page, makes a few minor edits for accuracy.. and u call it lame? must be times like these that nystrom gets the urge to shut it all down to avoid looking like he runs a site full of complete buffoons.

Yes, deliberately misleading

Yes, deliberately misleading titles are lame.

My Hell

you people are like a mob, I never meant to mislead I simply read it wrong which is why I am asking to delete it, I am in fact deleting my entire account if possible, I simply cant be on here with people like this anymore, What happened to the dailypaul as it used to be when I started a year and 6 months ago, people used to be friendly on here.

Ask your physician...

if medical marijuana may be right for you. :)

Nystrom thought your post was important enough to go on the front page. I don't get what you are upset about. Even the best editorialists and journalists make mistakes. That's why there are editors.

Nobody thinks you are stupid or are intentionally trying to mislead anybody...

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Utah seems like it is very

Utah seems like it is very pro second amendment, but how does it stand on other issues like marijuana/hemp, same sex marriage, taxation, and other liberty topics?

Muckraker, Inc

Utah has a conservative house,

But the senate & Governor are more neocon progresives - trotskyites mentality.


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Same sex marriage

is not a Liberty issue. If two perverts want to get married they don't need the states permission (license).

What are you, straight-edge?

What are you, straight-edge?


Isn't that about as useful as taking a shower with a raincoat on?

The Unloaded part

Means you cant have one in the chamber, But the clip can be in.

Yep.. sounds like they went for 2nd amendment symbolism

over substance.

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doesn't pass a cc law soon they will have constitutional carry in as soon as 3 months + a few days. But why would they allow people to only carry unloaded? Make zero sense.

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James

Self-deleted post

I removed my own post due to the misleading title of this thread.


I'll drink to Utah tonight!

What would the Founders do?

what good does it do you

what good does it do you unloaded?

Tough question. I suppose if

Tough question.

I suppose if you didn't want to open carry, you could carry your firearm without the magazine in it and then keep the loaded magazine elsewhere on your body. If needed, you can pull the gun out, insert magazine and chamber a round and be ready to go. It's not a perfect solution since anything that doesn't respect the full status of the 2nd Amendment is still a restriction on our rights, but it opens up options to people.


You have never taken a

You have never taken a serious combat pistol course I can tell. Unloaded all that is -is a paper weight. defeats the purpose to have an unloaded gun. better off to carry a knife. ever hear of the 21 feet rule? look it up.

Just wondering...so suppose

Just wondering...so suppose you are at the gas station with your unloaded concealed weapon and a bad guy comes in. You then load your firearm and use it against the bad guy. Are you violating the law and can you be punished?

One Step at a Time

Carrying a gun unloaded is the first step. After it's demonstrated to be so good then it's more likely to have everyone accept guns to be concealed AND loaded. Some people just have to be spoon fed the 2nd Amendment, it's irritating, but we'll keep at it. Whatever it takes, our rights will come back to us in full force.