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Ron Paul Delegate runs for US Congress



Will not vote for any tax increase. Will sign taxpayer's pledge.
Will vote for Audit the Fed bill. Will work to end the Fed.
Will vote for sound money policies including letting precious metals compete as currency against Federal Reserve notes.
Will vote against authorizing any war without a Declaration of War by the Congress.
Will vote no to any bill that is not within the enumerated powers of the Federal Government as stated in the Constitution.
Will vote to end all foreign aid.

Dr Mellon has been my friend for years. He was fighting alongside me in Tampa combating the unethical purging of Ron Paul National Delegates,the fraudulent rules changes enacted by Reince Priebus,and he personally accompanied me as we spoke with every non Liberty New Mexico National Delegate in Tampa urging them to sign the petition to nominate Dr. Paul. Dr Mellon is the real deal.Want to help bring the R3VOLUTION to New Mexico? Please give your most generous donation today.