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Wild Horse Slaughters are really just land grabs by the Federal Government

The Federal Government under the Obama Administration continues to roundup wild mustangs on western lands. Actual numbers of mustangs left in the wild are down to a few thousand. Interestingly enough, these lands become unimportant when the wild mustangs are gone because nothing else really uses the habitat, but that's not how the land is getting grabbed.

The government basically confiscates the land afterwards and shuts down the ability to mine, drill etc. on in. it has to be "maintained" so horse heards don't get too big, but at multiple locations herds are already small enough that the remaining horses make it where you aren't allowed to do anything on the land anymore without endangering the existing horses. So in a nutshell, they are rounding them up to kill them to make the heards so small you can't use the land without endangering the remaining herds. Backdoor land grabs.

In addition, these wild mustangs, icons of the American west, are getting slaughtered and put into dog food and even put into meat has recently been discovered in Taco Bell.


The State of Oklahoma (the only state willing to) is waiting on the Governor to sign a bill to allow wild mustangs to be slaughtered in their state. The governor said they would poll the citizens first before any decision is made to sign the bill.

Please help stop federal land grabs and please help stop wild mustangs to be slaughtered.

Call the Oklahoma Governor at 1-918-581-2801 or 405-521-2342 and tell them no slaughtering of wild horses.

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Many people still do not get it about Agenda 21.

Thanks for the very comprehensive video.

The NWO global governance will own the land and water and air of the planet. In this fascist communist agenda there is no privately owned land. If you live there, you will not live there in the future.

Pacific Southwest to become UN Bio-region Jan 31, 2013
"New world order advocates and United Nations servants have been busy using the federal register to implement United Nations Bio-regions within the United States. It has also initiated the closing off of public access roads."

Another video with diagrams. Agenda 21 For Dummies

It's part of the Wildlands project

ICLEI and Agenda 21. Google them and you will see what they are doing.

I think everyone should listen to this video. It tells everything. It's long, but you can turn it up while you are doing other things around the house, or just listen to it while you're surfing the web.



I highly recommend getting a wireless headset. Get one of these and you'll find yourself listening to a lot more great stuff.

Also, I'm sure they're cuttin back on the natural food stuffs also.

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks

I corrected

link , my bad .org not .com