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The good times are undoubtedly back as lavish parties return for bankers

Inside the first Goldman Sachs partners' dinner in SIX YEARS as lavish parties return for bankers Prior to the global economic meltdown in 2007, Goldman Sachs's annual dinners were lavish affairs when the banking behemoth spoiled its most profitable bankers and their partners. These parties were mothballed following the financial crisis when many banks were bailed out using taxpayers' dollars and bankers were encouraged to show some modesty and not flaunt their massive bonuses while other people were having their homes repossessed. Now the good times are undoubtedly back at Goldman after the company posted a $2.9 billion quarterly profit earlier this year. At the beginning of last month, the company flew it's top 450 bankers and their partners from all around the globe to New York for a business meeting and then a night of revelry.


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