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No More Keynesians In The White House idea

I had this idea to instigate a nationwide conversation about two issues. I think it could work for others as well. It plays on the hyped controversy of one distracting debate to lure people in and then makes clear statements about something else.

This could be used on an avatar, a post or email signature, a bumper sticker or a button on ones shirt. If these were all available to get passed on and used for free, it might become water cooler topic level everywhere. Don't we have a member or two that produce buttons and bumper stickers?

Picture of gangly young African boy who is clearly fairly poor on a background of colors from Kenya's flag.
At the top it says:
No More Keynesian In The White House
Around the bottom in smaller print it says:
End the FED - End the FIAT

Picture of partying shapes in red, white and blue colors with a DC Capital building in the middle.
At the top it says:
The Time For Washington Parties Is Over
Around the bottom in smaller print it says:
Elect Ideas and Representatives on Logic and Merit, not Lobbies

Picture of a village of poor African kids next to poor Americans.
At the top it says:
It's Unconstitutional To Elect A Keynesian
Around the bottom is smaller print it says:
They'll Rob Us Of Our Gold

Picture of a home printer in a greenhouse printing dollars in sync with tomatos rolling down a chute.
At the top it says:
We're Done Living On Borrowed FRNs
Around the bottom is smaller print it says:
Print Dollars Instead - Stay Local

Please add more and maybe this can catch on. I'm trying to put another together about bankers or Zionist bankers or something but it's not working yet. Please help.

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Any additions or comments

from the Monday morning crowd?


Well, here is my comment:

Before primaries when I tried explaining keynesian v austrian economics to the dems in this area, I was called a racist.

Hope for America? Hope for what :-(

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul