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The Dogma of Tyranny

“It is error only, and not truth, that shrinks from inquiry.” – Thomas Paine

“If my need to be Right is greater than my desire for Truth, then I will not recognize it when it arrives.” – Melanie Jauregui

Recently there have been some excellent conservative articles (one here, The Paradigm Shift Dilemma, by Nelson Hultberg) analyzing the dysfunctional liberal mind and the ego- and career-preserving habits that institutionalize the utter insanity of the collectivist/authoritarian doctrine. However, they uniformly ignore one key point, vital to the complete understanding of the immorality and philosophical bankruptcy of the socialist/fascist crackhead fantasy.

That would be the cancerous, über-authoritarian militarism infecting far too many conservatives to this day, to the near demise of the GOP. The ignorant, puerile neocon fearmongering and jingoism they have bought into has just about finished off an already bankrupted nation and its cute little fiat dollar, which has the rest of the world plotting to replace it as the world's reserve currency.

Incessant warmongering and arms racketeering is every bit as dangerous to our financial futures as runaway entitlements and bottomless taxation schemes. Worse, it is absolutely fatal to constitutional liberties, in case you haven't noticed.

Time to stop whining and work at keeping us out of WWIII, which most certainly has become a risk with all the big bad talk about straightening out the Iranians, who are no threat to us, but are a real threat to our forces and bases out there manned by our finest young people, mostly in places they don't belong. These tripwires, like others, have never brought democracy and freedom to anyone, but can make war acceptable in situations where it would never happen otherwise. (They will not be using my grandson for bait; he already sees the trap at age 16).

Policing the world is impossible, and a lot of very fine people have already died trying. The immature, destructive myth of American exceptionalism is rising to an absurd pitch even as the Constitution, the only legitimate source of any such pride, is being deconstructed. Are we supposed to cheer G. W. Bush's annihilation of privacy, accountability and diplomacy?

There's an old saying in business, “You can't blame the market for not buying your product.” Self-serving hubris replaced with knee-jerk false pride (for what exactly, defeat?), what might have been healthy soul-searching by those who stupidly destroyed Republican presidential chances in 2012 by immorally and unethically purging Ron Paul, and most of all, disenfranchising his legally elected delegates. Only Paul could have stopped Obama, and so Romney and the dinosaur-retread salon we call the GOP hierarchy denied the people's true choice, especially the young. In my somewhat paranoid mindset, that was his only job all along: the designated loser. He was great at it. With leadership like that, who needs communists?

"To the morally inverted, war appears as a quick, clear path to the top." -- Preston Q. Parker