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COWARD Austin Police Department cops illegally detain Antonio Buehler


On North Lamar near Rundberg the Austin Police Department pulled over a Peaceful Streets Project team that was observing police activity.

The thug cop who forced Antonio Buehler out of the vehicle and detained him against his will was named Brown.

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The ones that I met

Are hypocrites. They have no problem arresting people for acts that they themselves commit like driving drunk and speeding.

I guess I'm not alone

Dealing with Problems

If the police had a problem with him following them they should have just rationally asked him to stop in a polite manner.

If they wanted to get off on some kind of power trip and attack him to demonstrate authority and power over people who are fed up with bullies then they would have done what was demonstrated in the video.

Although I could admire the courage to stand up to bullies, I think the aggression of using insults against the police is hypocritical. Swearing at them is a form of aggression and that is exactly what he is standing up against.

If both sides had done it right they would have ended with shaking hands and worked something out for both the people of the city and the police force to be happy about. But, one step at a time. Here's looking toward a future of peace!

We need more Antonio Buehlers

We need more of this guy. The Peaceful Streets concept needs to spread.

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!


he is doing good things

and cops are not liking their power disappear.

Theres nothing illegal about

Theres nothing illegal about following cops. That would be like it would be illegal for bosses to keep an eye on their employees while theyre working.