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It's A Bird! It's A Plane! It's A UFO! It's A Drone

The curtain has been lifted. Nice play, boys.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, otherwise known as, "Drones."

Americans are just beginning to see the results of what I think was a top secret program designed over 60 years ago after World War II.

Many of Germany's top scientists were brought to the United States under, "Operation Paperclip." Their knowledge of jet propulsion, anti-gravity, and other aviation technology gave the United States an edge over the Soviet Union.

The clandestine aeronautics operation was cloaked in an alien, UFO conspiracy shortly after Roswell, NM...which in my opinion was nothing but a psyop designed as a cover for what the military was really doing with their new flying toys. The Defense Dept. and Hollywood worked endlessly to promote aliens and UFOs from outer space.

The government wanted people to believe in aliens and flying saucers in order to hide the mission they knew would be impossible to keep hidden from public eyes.

UFO Sightings UFO Military Armed Drone?


Military Escorts Secret UFO Spy Drone?


U.S. Military Hummer Chases UFOs Or Surveillance Drones?


Drone thought to be UFO on cross-country trip from Edwards AFB


Most strange looking UFO (Dragonfly Drones) by CARET appearing next to NASA


"The craft, whatever it is, is a creation of the United States government."


I honestly believe that the technology we are seeing today is quite old, and the actual modern day flying capabilities of aircraft is something people would think came straight out of a science fiction novel.

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I have always been convinced that the entire concept of literally traveling Millions of Light Years is simply not remotely possible, or even survivable -- and this is where all the UFO myths break down. The whole UFO cottage industry was a totally manufactured and orchestrated ploy.

In fact, H.G.Wells famous "War of the Worlds" Radio Broadcast (which caused New Yorkers to literally run out into the streets at night terrified thinking that "The Martians" had landed) was a deliberate communications experiment (by Wells: an Intelligence operative) to see just how far the public could be pushed (or duped). Unfortunately, Americans will believe anything.

What people have been seeing over the many years and decades, of course, have simply been very unusual looking Military or surveilliance equipment, which may have involved light emitting device controls and various cutting edge technology experiments.

It was so obvious to me also, that when the Bush Administration and U.S. Media was accusing Iraq (with zero evidence) of having "unmanned aerial Drones" to frighten people .... that the real truth was that the idea of some impoverished middle-east Country having that type of technology was absolutely laughable and false -- but our own (criminally screwed-up) Country did have them by then (and would be rolling them out soon).

And in fact, some eye-witnesses were convinced that the planes that hit the Twin-Towers on Sept 11 were grey colored planes and had no typical long row of passenger window s (these were Military Planes used and not Civilian planes). And also, to ensure the success of the hits, that these planes were robotically-controlled (i.e., Drones) -- possibly controlled from the WTC-7 building (that was later destroyed) -- and not flown by some inadequately trained muslin terrrist...who was last seen partying at a strip club to demonstrate his passion for religion.

When you look at the dry facts, it all adds up.


At this point, anything that The Pentagon, The U.S. Washington News Media, The U.S. State Department, The White House, The CIA, The FBI, and Homeland "Security" tells us .... is almost without fail the exact opposite of true reality.

Our Country is finished folks.