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Major Gun Bans: Attention Colorado Residents This Week Is Our Last Chance!

The Colorado State Senate will consider and vote on six (6) major anti-gun bills this week. The bills under consideration will:

  • BAN magazines over 15 rounds.
  • BAN shotguns capable of 'readily' being converted to accept more than 8 rounds (this is virtually all pump-action and semi-auto shotguns).
  • BAN all private sales
  • BAN all weapons on college campuses by holders of concealed carry permits, yes not just students but also professors and staff.
  • FORCE gun buyers to pay for their own background checks with no limit on the cost that could be charged.
  • FORCE gun owners to receive more training for already unconstitutional concealed carry permits.

    • WE HAVE A CHANCE AT VICTORY THE VOTE IS EXPECTED TO BE EXTREMELY CLOSE, But you must act NOW! Call your State Senator express your opposition to these bill. Tell them you will not stand for criminalizing law-abiding citizen gun owners. If you do nothing these Unconstitutional bills will become law and we will lose are rights FOREVER!

Find your State Senator Here:


Encourage (D )Sen. Guzman to change here mind and support her gun manufacturing constituents.

THANK and SUPPORT (D)Sens Lois Tochtrop for opposing the magazine ban.
THANK and SUPPORT (D)Cheri Jahn for opposing the magazine ban.

The above two democrats must be made aware how much we appreciate them going against the tide, against their party to vote constitutionally. They are under enormous political pressure from above, even receiving calls from vice president Joe Biden. These two are our window to get the one additional democrat we need to defeat these bills.

CALL first thing Monday morning, don't wait until it's too late keep the pressure up all week. WE CAN WIN THIS FIGHT!! WE MUST WIN THIS FIGHT!

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robot999's picture

I went down to the capitol yesterday

with a friend of mine. Hundreds of pro-2A people there opposing this bill. But the BEST PART was the 25 Sheriffs who stood before that Senate committee and told them they were full of it. God Bless these Sheriffs, true patriots and Oath Keepers!

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

It is up to 7 New Gun Laws in Colorado Now being proposed

This is from 9 News:

DENVER (AP) - The Colorado Legislature is considering seven gun-related measures from Democrats Monday. A look at the bills and what they do:

- BACKGROUND CHECKS: House Bill 1229 would add a background-check requirement for many guns sold in private transactions. The Democratic-sponsored bill has already cleared the House.

- AMMO LIMITS: House Bill 1224 limits gun ammunition magazines to 15 rounds. The Democratic-sponsored bill has cleared the House.

- FIREARM BAN FOR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE OFFENDERS: Senate Bill 197 would expand a ban on gun ownership for people convicted of certain domestic-violence offenses. The bill faced its first test Monday.

- GUN LIABILITY: Senate Bill 196 adds legal liability for gun sellers and owners. The bill faced its first test Monday.

- GUNS ON CAMPUS: House Bill 1226 would end Colorado's unusual law barring public college campuses from banning concealed weapons. The Democratic-sponsored bill has already cleared the House.

- ONLINE GUN TRAINING: Senate Bill 195 would require people seeking concealed carry permits to take gun training courses in person. The bill faced its first legislative review Monday.

- BACKGROUND CHECK FEES: House Bill 1228 would revive fees for gun purchasers who need background checks. The Democratic-sponsored bill has already cleared the House.