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Liberty Movement gains more GOP County Chairmen and Vice Chairmen

On March 2, Indiana GOP held its county chairmen elections throughout the state. Liberty Movement took over the chairman and vice-chairman positions in Montgomery County and the vice-chairman position in Wabash County.

Montgomery County has had a strong tradition of supporting liberty candidates. In 2012 it had the highest vote percentage (22%) for Ron Paul of all the counties in the state. In 2012 it voted 10% for Libertarian candidate for Senate Andy Horning (state average was 6%) and in 2010 it voted 10% for Libertarian candidate for Senate, Rebecca Sink-Burris (state average was 5%).

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Rand Paul 2016

What is a

"Liberty" person? I know lots of "Liberty" people who seem pretty much like the GOP party hacks they replaced.

AD in NV

It's just a word

every one has different ideas for the perfect form of government. Campaign 4 liberty people, that I know at least,have very similar definitions of what less government really means.

I heard half of Michigan

I heard half of Michigan State committee is Liberty. I know that at least 4/6 in my district are. Personally I dont know about the other 13 districts.

At the very minimum, the MI

At the very minimum, the MI state comm has 16 C4L people out of the total of I believe 91. There's no telling how many regular true conservatives are on there. But, there's a good chance that between the known C4L people and these other conservatives, as opposed to establishment typs, there could be a conservative/libertarian majority.

Last I heard, Dave Agema was

Last I heard, Dave Agema was going to say if the party really wants to grow the party, they have to put "liberty" folks on budget or issues committee. I personally don't know how much more of the party I can take, I am on district executive committee, and I can not support Beneshek next election.

will it spill over to Illinois?

...we NEED it to!!!