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Best precious metals company is Peter Schiff's Euro Pacific Precious Metals!

I recently purchased for precious metals. So as I’m sure everybody else does, I go online to check out the best prices. And I’ve purchased from Kitco, APMEX, Southern Coins and Precious Metals, Gainesville Coins and a whole host of others. But I had not found a company that I would want to constantly do business with. But then I was saw Peter Schiff on TV talking about precious metals and then I remembered doesn’t he have a precious metals company? He does, Euro Pacific Precious Metals.

Now I don’t know about you guys but I love Peter Schiff. His radio show is great, his newsletters are great (Gold Report and Global Investor) and most of all he is a die-hard Ron Paul supporter. He actually was Ron’s economic advisor on the 2008 Presidential campaign. So I decided to check out his company’s website (www.europacmetals.com). They do not have pricing on the website, no biggie, so I decided to give the office a call. And boy was I blown away! Everybody in there is just like me! Its small company but every senior broker in there is a libertarian who is a student of the Austrian school of economics like Ron Paul, Murray Rothbard and Peter Schiff.

The senior brokers are not your average salesmen. Everybody is extremely knowledge about the markets, the current state in Washington, and of course precious metals. The website says the minimum order per transaction is $10,000 but that is not true. Many of the senior brokers are extremely flexible and they would be willing to do about 3-5 K per order. But not only does the company provide excellent customer service, they have among the lowest prices in the industry! They blew APMEX prices of the water! And they can match and constantly beat all of their competitors’ prices.

I ordered 110 silver maples and the payment process could not have been any simpler. You could send a bank wire, mail a check to their NYC office and go to your local Chase bank branch and simply deposit the check there. And they are more than happy to give their expert recommendations or simply just have a conversation about politics or the economy. I cannot recommend this company more highly, I finally found my company!

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Precious Metal is a matter of perspective.

My most precious metal is contained in my guitar stings.

Other precious metal is contained in my flatware (the silverware was taken by robbers long ago).

Though I don't cotton to hard work, I keep a pick & shovel in the barn just in case someone happens by that does.

Up! Someone at the door [Telegraph key goes silent].

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

I cannot be a customer of him...

..."Our minimum order size is $10,000, for either gold or silver."

that isnt true. The brokers

that isnt true. The brokers are flexible on price. They told me that they could do minimums of 3-5 K. My order was a little over $3,000.

You make a good point re the minimum order size

People I know with money who can afford the $10k minimum order seem to be the least interested in buying gold And silver. People with modest incomes seem most interested. Not a scientific sampling just my experience
The post does say that euro PAC metals will allow smaller order sizes

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I don't care who you buy

I don't care who you buy from. BUY. I have been looking for 1000.00 face bags of dimes and quarters. they are almost extinct. I want 5 bags. they say they can find one here or there but it takes weeks to get them and I can't find the whole 5 bags in one place.

I agree to just buy. But I

I agree to just buy. But I want to make sure I'm getting the best possible price. More bang for my fiat buck! And I do here.