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Cop runs into motorcyclist, threatens to ticket him for using his brakes

You have to watch this one...potty mouthed cop making up laws

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I think they were both idiots.

I dont like cops but...

This was a stupid video. Have any of you ever driven a car? What would you say/do if somebody was right in front of you, but about 50' behind the next car and suddenly came to a COMPLETE halt for no apparent reason? Have any of you ever had an accident that shouldn't have happened, but somebody else made a stupid error that caused it in the first place?

Once again, I don't like cops, but he got angry as most every one of you would if somebody made a stupid driving error and looked like a jackass.

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This is the top comment on

This is the top comment on YouTube...

GuerrillaLawfare 8 hours ago
It appears that this Cops name is Captain Thomas Roberts, I contacted his Superior and was informed that there is an internal investigation in the matter.The phone number to the Area command theat Roberts runs is 702-828-8272 This Cop violated many policy's Including not reporting, or staring an "event" To coercion under color of law, I have an attorney referral if it is needed

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain
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Looked intentional to me.

Why did he hit his brakes right then. Yeah, the cop was at fault. But, just because there are dumb cops like this out there, this kind of stuff doesn't really help either. We want cops to like people more , not less. This may matter more than anything when his buddy is beating you up someday and doesn't help you out because you're a dummy and you deserve it in his mind. Kindness will help them grow, battling them only makes them dignified in their ignorance.

My guess at the outcome

...is that the rider will get some minor amount of monetary compensation ("thanks taxpayers!") and the cop will be "reprimanded" but the reprimand will be considered an "internal matter". In other words, nothing will be done.

"~UPDATE~ Thursday, April 4, 2013"

"Officer Eugen Holm retired yesterday in lieu of being fired. This was confirmed by an internal affairs investigator this morning.
Officer Holm was facing Internal Affairs charges for: (1) Not reporting an accident (Metro Policy Manual 5/103.29), (2) Wrongful interaction with the public (for being discourteous and rude, Metro Policy Manual 4/102.12), and (3) Conduct Unbecoming an Officer (intimidation, Civil Service Rule 510-2). All charges were "SUSTAINED"."

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

Intimidation Counts As "Unbecoming"?!?

Why wouldn't that count as flagrant abuse of power?


I completely agree with you~

Daughter of 1776 American Revolutionists

Las Vegas

I live in Vegas. The cops out here are all like this as5hole. Half of them should be in jail. You need a gun out here to protect yourself from them, they look for any reason to shoot you.

dave anderson

Heres the direct video:

Heres the direct video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7uvyYzjaiyE&feature=player_em...

What would happen if you rear ended a cop and blamed it on them?

Rules of the road

stipulate that one can not tail gate. A safe distance is 2 car lengths at a slow rate of speed. The cop would have lost in a court of law.

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic.” – Dresden James

this would be the first case

this would be the first case where the person who was hit from behind was at fault, according to this schmuck cop.


~ Cop owes the biker an apology.

~ If he was a man (instead of a bully in a costume) he would have acknowledged his fault and asked the biker if he was OK.
~ But Noooooo.
~ He had to get dramatic.
~ This cop is ARMED WITH A GUN?!
~ Cop should have been piss tested right there.
~ Biker should have called 911 to report a rogue, "Chris Dorner", crazy azz, cop out-of-control.
~ Cop had to be high if he couldn't avoid a bike hugginig the breakdown lane line...
~ A sober cop could have driven a SWAT truck straight through the space to the left of the bike.
~ Biker did the right thing not escalating this strung-out, road raging, dirty cop.
~ Captain Thomas "Scared Wabbit" Roberts --

He needs to submit a complaint against the Cop

The cop was clearly at fault - and he blamed it on the motorcyclist braking? Give me a break! (no pun intended, ok well maybe a little intended)
The motorcyclist should file a complaint with Internal Affairs of the Las Vegas PD. If the Las Vegas PD has any credability, they will investigate a complaint and find that this officer did wrong. I hope they are credible.
The only other thing I can think of is that the motorcyclist should have called 911 and reported that he was hit by a police officer in his cruiser, and asked for a supervisor to come to the site. The officer not calling this in, and the civilian doing so first only looks good for the civilian and bad for the cop. And leave the scene intact - don't move anything.

My local PD, fortunately, has credibility. They actually investigate their own and find that they did wrong (when they do).

why people are so

why people are so intimidated?

Take it from someone who

Take it from someone who rides. Cops don`t like getting passed by bikes even if you are going the speed limit and they aren`t. This guy feels everyone should respect his badge and be submissive in his presence. He got pissed, whipped behind the bike real quick and punted him because he was mad and not paying attention. Horrible cop and a horrible driver. That street is hard and he could have really hurt the rider even at slow speeds. FAIL


DO NOT COMPLY, write the tickets and sue the ahole!

Unfortunately this

Unfortunately this motorcyclist buckled instantly to this tyrant. I'm not confident enough with my constitutional law to challenge a cop during a regular traffic violation, however, I most certainly would never let a cop who rear ended me convince me that what I did was against the law and have me apologize.

Missed opportunity.

Tyrants and wannabe

Tyrants and wannabe dictators; that is exactly what positions of un-questioning power both attracts and creates.