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Sequester BullSh*! Obama causing U.S. citizens to be affected

Here folks is yet another reason America is falling so fast into the well planned crash. We seem to support almost every other country in the world, but not our own. They spend the American tax payers money into so many wasteful directions. It is just pitiful to see this when so many are hungry and homeless in the USA.

Take a look at this interactive map to see where YOUR tax dollars are going, and then read the informative article this comes from.


Informative read that everyone is invited to pass on.


The ship is sinking fast and war is on it's way to the American homeland. All the consciously alert and awakened can do is to prepare for what is surly coming after some false flag event to trigger the martial law and collapse of America as we all know it happens.

Help yourself, help your families, and help your neighbors SEE what is coming soon. Community unity is the ONLY saving grace America has.


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$137 Million to a country I have never heard of

Cote D'lvoire? WTF?

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...Needs to be spread around so people know where their money is going.