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Why Americans are turning away from Israel and its U.S. lobby

Grant F. Smith, research director of IRmep, briefs several hundred Houston area non-profit and business leaders about why Americans are turning away from Israel and challenging Israel's U.S. lobby. Review of major espionage, propaganda and wealth transfer initiatives.



"AIPAC aims to play ‘major strategic ally’ card to save aid for Israel from US cuts?"


"American teacher denied re-entry to Israel"


"US must back Israel war on Iran: Senate legislation"


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Be careful if you open

Be careful if you open the presstv.ir site.


and more each day it seems.

"If this mischievous financial policy [greenbacks], which has its origin in North America, should become endurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debts. It will hav


Communism has no tolerance for religion and no respect for the religious.

Israel is doing pretty pretty well.

Rhetoric & hysteria aside, lets look at solid facts.

Israeli separation barrier is working, Iron Dome is working, Arrow III system was tested successfully, Bibi agreed with Ron Paul that USA aid (2% of Israeli budget) is not something Israel cannot live without. Israel has no fiscal cliff, no 800 military bases abroad, no waterboarding. And 11 million Mexicans are not about to come over (along with 11m future spouses and 33m future kids.)

On top of that, Gallup poll had found that
80% Republicans are pro-Israel.
71% Independents are pro-Israel.
65% Democrats are pro-Israel.

On top of that, Libertarian free-market capitalism would only weaken Sharia Law of Israeli neighbors, make Israel more prosperous, and drive anti-Semites to socialist camp. Facts are facts.


how it is completely kosher to say this:
"And 11 million Mexicans are not about to come over (along with 11m future spouses and 33m future kids.)" But questioning why Jews or Israeli interests own every member of Congress, 96% of our media, Hollywood, and a good portion of the justice system is anti-Semitic (whatever that means).


You would be a true racist if you stop at 11 million and not to invite 110 million Chinese. Turks and Pakistanis can come over too, say 50 million. Why not?

Fine with me.

Bring 'em on. I think people should be able to travel and work wherever they want to.

As long as I am paying taxes though, I would just assume not pay for the defense of some other country on the other side of the globe, especially when it is causing lots of deaths to innocent folks. So conversing about why that is happening is not "anti-Semitic".

You mean

your taxes are going to Israel? Ha-ha-ha. You are mistaken. You taxes and those from your relatives go as aid to Egypt and Pakistan and for defense of Japan, Korea and Turkey. Taxes from American Jews go as aid to Israel and for defense of Italy and Spain.

My taxes are paying for wars

on the other side of the earth. Who wants to obliterate Iran and lobbies for it constantly? Not me.


Again, I am part Jewish.

Way to go on the offense when your busted for being a racist.

I really do not care who you are

We argue about Israel, not your mother.

Wars are funded by my taxes. You do not earn that much to undertake defense of Japan, Korea, Turkey, $6B to Pakistan AND fund the wars.

But cutting US aid to all is good for us and good for Israel. Israeli neighbors and EU will suffer though. So I do agree with you about the aid.

You are the one labeling

everyone as anti-Semitic. You will just keep twisting the conversation to attempt to cover up your nonsense.

I do not even know what you wrote.

I do not want to pay for anyone's defense. Not Israel's (nor fight their BS wars), Italy's, Japan's, or yours.

The wars in the ME, in which Israel and the neo-cons (mostly dual US/Israeli citizens) got rolling out in 2001 are absolutely something I do not want any part of. And yes, most of my income tax goes to 'defense' spending. I don't want to pay for aid to any country either.

You are either crazy

or simply dishonest. If you cannot stick to the argument of the thread and need to import facts from other threads, it is not my problem. I did text search of this thread. You used "anti-Semitic" TWICE. Nobody else did.

So Johnson, JFK and others (before AIPAC and neo-con) did not do any wars? Who made wars in Korea, Vietnam, Kosovo, Somalia, etc, etc. neo-cons? Bush was never a big friend of Israel and shackled it with "Road Map."

If Israel can live without our money and war machine

then why is AIPAC meeting as we speak to try and ensure that they never do?

"AIPAC-Drafted US Aid to Israel Illegal"


As you know

if you cut aid to all, Israel will benefit. Now, follow where the aid money goes. 1) 50% goes back to Pentagon for old equipment that Israel often does not need; 2) 50% to socialistic clerks in Israeli government (its Labor party has special connection with State Department.) That makes CIA work easier. AIPAC is funded by CIA and Pentagon.

If Jews were in control, no money would ever be flown to Egypt and Pakistan, no weapons would went to Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia.

Jews are in control...

And the money still goes to all those places...It benefits the global elite to have continual wars (see Orwell, 1984)...Greenspan and Bernanke, Geithner, Lew (FED)....Jeff Zucker (CNN), Aviv Nevo (TW and GS), M. Shapiro and Elisse Walter (SEC), AIPAC, L. Breuer (JD Prosecutor)...Media: DIsney (Eisner and Eiger), Viacom (Sumner Redstone)...Politics: 60% of all political contributions from Jews, Elena Kagan (Scotus)...And because the list will be too extensive I will summarize the film industry as being entirely controlled by Jews and I will call it the propaganda wing of the US Gov...Orwell (sorry to quote him twice) called it the Ministry of Truth and along with the top 3 media outlets listed above and Hollywood I would say that yes...Jews are in control...Controlling information, media, finance, and politicians and yet the money still seems to dissipate to places you clam it wouldn't...

"If Jews were in control, no money would ever be flown to Egypt and Pakistan, no weapons would went to Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia."

Bad food, worse weather, please rEVOLution the states so I can bring my family back home!
Rosa Koire for for President!

Whatever dude

It is typical for those whose mind is totally depended on Jews not only to think and talk about Jews all the time, but also to look under the bed before sleeping. In case a Zionist might want to steal their wife.

Nice answer...

at least hen I get proven wrong...I own it...And in this case, I call it how I see it...You're obviously a tool with an Israel 1st agenda and anytime you would ever have your words crammed down your throat, I can only assume, you would respond in the same typical way...I can only blame myself for wasting my time commenting on anything involving you...You have a good evening...

Bad food, worse weather, please rEVOLution the states so I can bring my family back home!
Rosa Koire for for President!

We cannot argue

because you mix arguments with speculations and dubious information. I can either blindly believe what you say or not. There is nothing logical or rational in your argument to persuade. If you do not see that yourself, it means that is the way your mind operates. Likewise, you wont see logic in my arguments either. Name calling is not the sign of victory but weakness. America first or Israel first has nothing to do with Libertarian thought. It is related to collective patriotism. If Arabs were supporting capitalism and Israel Sharia Law, I would supported Arabs.

needs to be understood


O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

JFK knew

that Israeli nuclear weapons would be a threat to the Middle East and the world and he appeared to be in absolute opposition to them

Was his assassination a combined Mossad/CIA operation?