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We Need to Stop the Anti-Jew Posts

Anyone who knows two of Ron Paul's economic influences would be stupid, ignorant, and disgusting to take up the Daily Paul's webspace with any anti-Jewish rhetoric or holocaust denial. I stand fervently against intolerance on this board which represents a community of peaceful, liberty loving, advocates of a free society.

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if's funny how all the actors

if's funny how all the actors playing white supremacists in American History X are all jewish. I couldn't watch 10 minutes of it. I just have to laugh cynically about Jew Edward Norton and Jew Edward Furlong. Jew Actors playing white supremacists. that was just like watching jew actors play indians in the black and white 50s shows in hollywood.

couldn't they have been more authentic and acutally cast europeans as racist extremists? why do i have to watch all these jews pretend to be europeans, and what's more, hateful europeans?


What to do about Zionist plants...

posing as liberty DPer's

Equating anti-semitism with holoca$t(tm) denial is the oldest dirty Zionist trick in the book...

Attempting to control debate with PC mind control censorship tactics is so far beneath the ethos of the LIBERTY movement as to have the exact opposite effect as the stated goal of ending anti-semitism.

The whole crux of this thread is anti-1st Amendment, ANTI-LIBERTARIAN, and just plain old fashioned UN-American.

And for the record I am a PROUD Holocao$t(tm) denier.

The holoco$t is the foundational lie of the NWO, anyone who believes it will NEVER be truly free.

Just like 9/11, the JFK and Reagan shootings, the OKC building bombing, I have spent well over 100 hours objectively researching the claims and counter-claims of BOTH sides of the issue.

What I have found leaves me no choice but to proclaim that in fact the evidence is clear the official holocaust story is no more true than the official stories of these other FALSE FLAG EVENTS.

And what's worse for the author of this story global Zionism in general, is that anyone with internet access can easily find the massive mountain of evidence that totally demolishes the Holoco$t apologists claims, AND the LACK of ANY real evidence to support them.

Anyone who doesn't recognize this thread as the blatant and obvious attack on free thinking individualism that it is, should really be posting and reading at a Democrat site like Salon...

All that aside

I don't mean to rock your worldview here, but writing holocaust as "Holocao$st(tm)" makes you look like a complete idiot and undermines even what slivers of relevance you came close to having.

Obviously you understand neither property rights, nor reason, nor decorum, nor even basic courtesy. Heck, we're talking couldn't sell ice water to a man dying of thirst here.

Eric Hoffer

The big $$$$$ Holocau$t(tm) lobby loves you man

You are their willing idiot that they have spent a lot of their lobby loot to train.

Obviously you are just a shill for AIPAC so you can just go eff your self punk.


Yes, obviously because I think you're a complete idiot, the only reason must be because I'm a shill for AIPAC. I just want to see Liberty candidates elected and push for local guys like Amash and Bentivolio as an elaborate cover.

Or... and there's just a slim chance of this option being true, maybe it's because you do things like write holocaust as "Holocau$t(tm)" as if no one would know what you're talking about otherwise.

Nah, I'm probably out shilling for AIPAC.

Eric Hoffer

Ghandi on Jews


It is long, but he was alive when all the "Israel" nonsense began, so his opinion counts more than yours or mine. Here is a good excerpt:
"And now a word to the Jews in Palestine. I have no doubt that they are going about it in the wrong way. The Palestine of the Biblical conception is not a geographical tract. It is in their hearts. But if they must look to the Palestine of geography as their national home, it is wrong to enter it under the shadow of the British gun. A religious act cannot be performed with the aid of the bayonet or the bomb."

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Look into Ghandi on blacks...

...and then see if his opinion on Jews still carries the same weight.

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).

"We" need to stop telling "us" what to do.

People here post the truth about Zionism, and those who are still brainwashed by the media do the knee-jerk "anti-Semite" response. It is sad to see DP members still hood-winked by the media, and still unable to speak truth for fear of being "politically incorrect."
Zionism is a political ideology, and the most extreme racist ideology I know of. If you chose to shill for Zionism, that is your right. But your efforts to silence the truth serves the people who have created a society of endless war. That is your wrong.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


Six stars and a flower, for you fishy.


Would you idiots (not all) please watch this:


and realise that Zionism is not the same as Judaism. It is in fact antagonistic to Judaism.

If you let Zionism make you anti-semitic (anti-Jewish), then you are playing right into the Zionists' hands. You are doing exactly what they are trying to make you do.

Especially as this thread is the fault line along which they are going to try and sell you WWIII. Wake up and stop being manipulated.

Obedience to God is resistance to tyrants.

I haven't seen any anti-Jewish posts on the DP.

There is an anti-Israel crowd on the DP and in the Liberty movement. So what? Then, there are people like me who are not anti-Jewish or anti-Israel (in the sense of Am Israel or Kol Israel), but who simply want to disengage American foreign policy from an insanely right-wing, apartheid, quasi-theocratic Israeli government.

Israel is sovereign and can do as it pleases, but not with US taxpayer dollars and not without paying consequences like all other states.

Moreover, I do not appreciate a reflexive brandishing of the term "racist," whenever someone disagrees with the absurd proposition that US and Israeli interests are always coterminous.

I'm not going to frequent KKK or Nazi sites even if you tell me to do so. However, the poster is correct: "Anti-racist" is, in fact, often just code for "anti-White." Deal with it.

Anti racist is a codeword

Anti racist is a code word for anti-white


You are an idiot.

What a sad world you live in if you believe that.

And if the band you're in starts playing different tunes, I'll see you on the dark side of the moon.

Is what it is. Imnot calling

Is what it is. Imnot calling you names. Have some class please, it 20f outside and I have no electric. Im online via mobile.



I don't agree with you, I just wanted to show off my new trick.

Keep warm!

i wrapped myself in blankets.

i wrapped myself in blankets. i hope you have enough food. if you don't have young children to care for, it won't be so bad. especially if you have batteries, you can listen to the radio of george norry's coast to coast. it airs on the radio at 1 a.m.

i still don't like to hear this "meme" - sorry i used that word, but i still don't like to hear this calling someone "racist" is anti-white. i think you should atone for this and go up to a colored person and/or a mexican. or if you are living in the north, find the local native american tribes and go tell them about the federal reserve and ron paul and encourage them to stockpile food for their family.


I didn't say you were calling me names...

But to imply that being anti-racist is being anti-white is plain ignorant. I suggest you find a nice lil' online KKK group to spread your ignorance on, because last time I checked, Liberty = equality.

And if the band you're in starts playing different tunes, I'll see you on the dark side of the moon.

dude LIBERTY never was related to equality

you are the real shill when you try to suffocate others opinions ...this is not a PC site..this is a libertarian site where you have the moral and ethical right to out your word forward and you can critique any instance of these current policies that are plaguing the american lives....LIBERTY is the INDIVIDUALISTIC assurance of self fulfillment....and yes the jewish are in charge of everything dealing with centralized money making in the west and they killed maimed and robbed a entire country in the middle east...it is their fanaticism which made all this possible and they created the myth of holocaust...do your research or ate least dont try to restrict the FREE flow of ideas and information on a libertarian site...by the way if someone here believe that the whole anti racism movement is in fact an anti white movement is his her RIGHT and this a the constitutional first amendment exercise !!!!! so please go INFECT other places TROLL


I rest my case.

And if the band you're in starts playing different tunes, I'll see you on the dark side of the moon.

Chill. I just want

Chill. I just want electricity,,,, and a pillow so I can sleep. Maybe a fire so its not so cold in here. Im wasting battery power talkinb to you, dont be ignorant, learn.


you could heat up a cup of

you could heat up a cup of coffee with a candle. or find a better way to heat up some coffee and tea. it was like heaven to have warm coffee or tea, without heat, in 10 degree weather. i was ecstatic.


i wrapped myself in blankets

i wrapped myself in blankets over 3 years ago. it was 20 degrees inside. i was able to form a nice cocoon. but you really should (in my opinion) atone for this nonsense and go up to the first black person you see and tell them about the federal reserve banking system and ron paul, and how obama hasn't ended the war on drugs, and black people are 6 times more likely to go to prison for non-violent drug offenses.

just keep in mind the globalists want us fighting each other. love your fellow man.

now let me get back to making fun of jews. no offense to the jewish people. i love jews.




Whether it's the "Jews controlling the banks", or the "Jews controlling America", or the "Jews controlling Alex Jones"....

Guess what? It's all racist bullshit, and those of you that subscribe to this nonsense should be ashamed of yourselves.

(FTR, I am an atheist white American with no Jewish heritage, but despises bigotry.)

And if the band you're in starts playing different tunes, I'll see you on the dark side of the moon.

Please explain

how questioning the "holocaust" makes me anti-jew or intolerant.

There are a lot of inconsistencies in the "holocaust" story that are hard for thinking people to ignore. Even the official number of deaths has been revised several times, from 6 million to 4 million, and then again down to 1.5 million. Even if you don't question anything else, that is an awful lot of people to be "mistaken" for dead, don't you think?

Reference the Holocaust

How does one explain the stacked-high bodies and the emaciated prisoners in the camps at Buchenwald, Austwitz, Belsen, etc. found by American soldiers? There was no television in WW11 but there were newspapers, and movie news. Was it all manufactured? I am a WW11 person who lived in England then and saw this evidence. I certainly believed it then and still do.

We are in another war for our Independence.

It's very easy to explain.

They died mainly from typhus and typhoid. The Germans had no cure for it, but they tried to stop its spread by delousing clothing and bedding (this is what Zyklon B was really used for). Towards the end of the war, many prisoners became emaciated and died of starvation due to Allied bombings cutting off food supply lines to the camps. Any other questions?


Does it smell like burnt hair at Dachau? Where did all those fingernail scratches come from on the walls?

Eh, no

Have you ever met a survivor?

Or, been to Auschwitz?

It happened. Question the details, go for it - but historically speaking, I've met and interviewed a survivor in addition to seeing "the camps" and I can say without question that debating the quantity in millions of lives is telling, for one, and understandable considering the lack of concern for individual life.


the fact is that were and are toooooo many survivors after 6 MILLION deaths in the 40.... which tells us a LOT about it...it is IMPOSSIBLE to have remaining JEWISH after such number of DEATHS in the beginning of the century..so please again TROLL try to lie in other sites...it is more than clear that there was never a FINAL SOLUTION ..this is a con to ROB others people MONEY

How many holocaust survivors have you met?

Because if you really want to get picky, if it was a "holocaust" there would be no survivors. And here is the funny thing, there are MORE survivors now than when I was a kid. How's that work?
Yes, WW2 was awful and the German camps were awful. But the "official story" of Auschwitz has already been officially changed. Pretending you "know" what went on is testament to your lack of ability to look at facts and see when they do not add up. SOMETHING happened, but none of us knows what.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.