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Comparable to vomiting!

Compelled to ask why? Why do they refuse such information its rightful place?

Email to the editor...

Good evening Steve,

I want you to know I have appreciated your assistance and goodwill in publishing four of my past letters-to-the-editor, one being an Op-Ed, but I cannot simply go quiet without asking a few questions about my most recent submissions, seven attempts to be exact, regarding the chemical additive Aspartame. I know that my submissions prior to my most recently revised one were translating information that was dated and all but swept under the rugs upon which the lobby of Corporate America weaves its careful imprint, yet my most recent submission was revised and incorporate of a current and televised revisitation of the chemical additive that has escaped two generations by unbalanced dispositions of greed through propaganda despite the illnesses it wages upon the people. Were you able to research the history of this chemical additive with the links I provided? I feel that educating people, rather offering to educate them is as admirable to publish as talks of Israel, ballot measures and rebuttals of the like.

I simply wish to inquire as to why this submission, after seven attempts, most of them somehow undelivered is not worthy of publishing? I am willing to agree to indemnify the newspaper of liability by the message of my letter and want you to know I appreciate your position if it has remained unpublished due to any pressures from the institutions that allow it to plunder the health of the people in spite of mass opposition from science and research. Please let me know what I can do to continue my journey to wake people up to the suppression of information concerning this poison.


Justin Klinkebiel

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Response from editor @ 12pm 3/06/13

"Justin, I never received the aspartame letter. I have no idea why, since other emails from you get through.

As soon as I see it, I'll read it and we'll go from there.


Hmmm...after 7 attempts to the newspaper inboard and several submissions to his personal email he NEVER received it...only took one attempt for my other four submissions and they were published within a couple days.

I'll go ahead and send it certified, return receipt, restricted delivery...that ougtha cover the bases...but he DID respond...progress!

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the word aspartame may have been added to his spam filter

without him even knowing.

Aspartame is more important than fluoridation in the grand scheme of things. It is NOT to be discussed.

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Apparently not...response from editor...

"I check the junk file regularly and nothing from you has gotten there. I don't know. It's strange."

My response this evening:

"It's in the mail tomorrow certified return receipt - I can't explain this anomoly either, but there has to be some reason it isn't reaching it's destination because I've sent it from work, from home and submitted it to the newspapers direct submission link? Thank you for your response and I look forward to working with you in the future."


Justin Klinkebiel

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Make sure to document your attempts to have your article published AND your attempts to reach them for comment. When all is said and done, you can compile it and send it to other local newspapers and TV, and youtube.

I'm officially declaring this thread...


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: an agent that induces vomiting...

Thank you.

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All online talk about emesis is antiemetic.

It's a rule. What, you didn't know that?

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No response - DAY TWO...

The crickets are getting thicker...silence from those who claim to publish news.

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This should help you understand what's going on

Documentary film The Corporation
How journalists are silenced: Unsettling Accounts

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Well they will not get by

ignoring me...I will send 100 submissions...fight on!

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Full day One!

No response...crickets...crickets...and I'm waiting earnestly...fight on DP'ers...

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Keep up your persistence. :)

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Have you received a response?

Keep us posted...should be interesting.

not yet...not that I expect to...

but I am asking regardless...question everything!

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Ha ha,

Donald Rumsfeld is more powerful than you!