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Fight or Flight : A free spirit Anthem ~Senex

With Ice in my Veins
To stare down your gaze

With fight or flight
we forfeit this night

TO Energy over Empathy
TO Redesign our legacy

Bring your goods forward
Before we get down

To light up your night
with your favorite sounds

Glory,Honor,Virtue as must
be understood before you go nuts

Live as if god tenaciously
TO bring forth the peace you wish to see

Set up a life vicariously
TO mix and match with specialty

Thoughts from your Soul
Can Never be Sold
With purchase price unenviable

Per copy, repeat, or mimic as such
brings all good things
To mass in a flush

Transmit the person you wish to be
To Live as Legends Infinitely

I see you at best that you can be
This subtle sonnet has undressed thy

The choice is open
without closure

Know this now
Be ever closer

Will you choose advantage taker
Or sly denial of thine maker.

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