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Let's Make a Deal

Let's Make a Deal

You can subjugate anyone else if they so desire. You can keep them enslaved under a mountain of debt and rules that nobody can humanly follow perfectly 100% of the time. You can stay in power as long as you want.

As long as... You leave us alone. Granted... we make the following few considerations so that we can all live in a peaceful world.

1) We promise not to harm anyone else as long as our own well being is not physically threatened by them, nor is anyone else threatened by our inaction (unless they are 'harming themselves').

2) We promise not to steal from anyone.

3) We promise to honor our word.

We want no part of your sick society.

Is it not proof of your dependence on us that you resort to physical violence if we declare our independence of "government?" Is it considered an UNLAWFUL thing to be "anti-government?" Are "domestic terrorists" synonymous with "anti-government people?"

The TRUTH is... we are not ANTI-GOVERNMENT. The truth is we are ANTI-FRAUD... ANTI-EXTORTION, ANTI-MURDER... ANTI-THEFT... ANTI-CORRUPTION but that's okay... we realize you don't ever want to atone for the wrongs that you have committed in this world. That's fine. This is an offer of peace treaty. We have you ON THE ROPES and we can SENSE your FEAR! At ANY given MOMENT the OTHER SHOE could drop!

Are you THAT sure of your plan? If you fail, the penalty is much greater than that of losing any game. This is no game you are playing with us and we KNOW IT.

Unless you might be thinking of the game of court...

YOUR "NDAA" was passed out of FEAR. You FEAR us! We are the ones we've been waiting for who will stand on our own two feet without one of your BAR agents who by their loyalty to your private commercial contract facilitation rooms... have COMPLETELY SUBJUGATED the American people who have "consented" to waive ALL of their GOD GIVEN RIGHTS for your GREED without their knowledge!

...but some of us know...

In fact there are hundreds of thousands of us. Perhaps millions.

...and JUST ONE of us COULD get lucky and manage to wrench these courts back under our INHERENT jurisdiction. Just ONE of us could uncover the right evidence at the right time to use against you in a COURT of LAW.


So here it is... perhaps a FINAL offer? LEAVE US ALONE! The people who no longer wish to be licensed... taxed... and generally forced to use your worth-less paper notes of debt.

We KNOW your PLAN. It is your tired old three-step which has played over and over down thru the ages. War to ferret out the intellectual class, willful subjugation of the masses - dictatorial tyranny when the the masses begin to wake up... and then war to ferret out the intellectual class again in order to re-subjugate the masses.

NOTICE: It is NOT going to happen THIS time. We are all around you. Men of conscience who know what has been done to them for your pleasure. We are everywhere and one day soon you will not have all your bases covered. LEAVE US ALONE and we will pursue you no further. When one of us says "I don't consent" don't go away mad. JUST GO AWAY!

There is obviously no expectation of a public response to this notice. Your response will be evident in your actions.

PUBLIC SERVANT: Do you have any reason to believe at this time that I am a public servant?


govern yourself accordingly,

We the People

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We should sentence them all

We should sentence them all to a lifetime of minimum wage labor.

Just noticed all the up votes disappeared?

Why would that be?

Don't Tread on ME!

That goes for democrats and republicans. Both parties are just as guilty as the other at treading.

This is a great post!

Beautifully expressed. Reason to hope. And yes there are millions of us who see what is going on; to quote your post: "the tired old three-step which has played over and over down thru the ages".

You are too generous!

My deal is this: If the Rothschilds turn themselves in, they will be granted an island where they may live out their days in peace, but NONE OF THEM ever get off the island. They are genetically defective, they are hopeless sociopaths.
Option 2 is for them to keep doing what they are doing until they are rounded up and executed.
Sadly. option 3 is for them to round up liberty lovers and kill us, and unless liberty lovers learn to speak the names of their tormenters and demand justice, option 3 is most likely.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Option 3 is not an option.

We need to include all those associated with the Rothschilds like the Jesuits, corrupt bought politicians, and all their infiltrations. There are many who seek wealth and power over the people of the Earth.

I often wonder WHY they need it, wealth and power over others. I think it is because they are stuck at a lower evolutionary level of being animal human. Like an animal they seek territory and they compete to be the ALPHA animal. Lots of EGO involved at this level.

At a higher evolved level humans tend to cooperate and share resources in a fair way. Greed and need for power fall away as humans evolve.

Well fishy I can prehaps offer a different perspective.

You to my knowledge have not studied a lot about law and the courts. Our main problem has ALWAYS been the "gatekeepers" which is "your attorney."

Many of us are learning to stand on our own two feet and be our own lawyer.. and drag these scumbags over to the common law side of the court. Take a listen to some of the latest discoveries:

This is Angela's talkshoe "My Private Audio" very good stuff on here many great guests. I highly advise listening to shows #187 and #188 right away and find out how simple we're trying to make this for the layman to get justice in OUR courts (not theirs).