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Louis Farrakhan Talks Alex Jones, Revolution

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Cool story bro


Anonymous also mentions AJ

in their response to Obama's gun control policy (at about 7:10)

although I guess he can't interview them along with David
Duke and Farrakhan...

To hell with that, i dont

To hell with that, i dont want that murdering thief scam artist associated with us in anyway

maybe you're right. But in

maybe you're right. But in the end Malcom X was saying we were all brothers and had to love one another.


True enough..

and they didn't off him until after he became willing to
reach out to others and try to be inclusive.

Whatever else may be wrong with Farrakhan I can't
find a single mistake or misstatement in the this video.

I'd love to know that Obama actually watched it.

That is a great idea

It would make people's heads explode to see those two "racists" sitting side by side, getting along and saying essentially the same thing... truth...

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.