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The U.N. Regime-Protection Plan on gun control, written 12 years ago

I came across this blog post today that was written 12 years ago in April, 2001. Almost seems like it was written today. Wonderful article.

"Memo to independent-minded peoples of the world: stock up on guns and ammo now.

The U.N. is near agreement on a measure to restrict small-arms sales to "rebels and resistance groups" the world around.....As the Washington Times reports,

'The proposal, to be finalized at a U.N. conference in New York in July, would ban the export of many small arms and light weapons to rebels and resistance groups.....A working definition of proscribed weapons adopted in 1997 includes: rifles and carbines; assault rifles, revolvers and self-loading pistols; light machine-guns; and portable missile launchers.'.........

Thank God there was no U.N. in 1776.......

Worse yet, where do the E.U., Japan, and "the Nordic states" get off dictating matters of firearms ownership to the rest of the world? The Washington Times, quoted above, refers to the enthusiasm for "strong measures on global gun control" by this group of nations. Suddenly, my disgust at American hegemony in the post-Cold War world is lessened. At the same time, this latest act of U.N. hubris has rekindled my longstanding desire to see the United Nations: a) kicked off American soil and b) dismantled."


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yes, it's all planned out.