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Kentucky for Sound Money

I am looking for advice on advancing the idea of sound money in Kentucky. The website is www.KentuckyforSoundMoney.com

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"Wanted advice on starting a pro-sound money advocacy group..."

"I wanted advice on starting a pro-sound money advocacy group here in the state - to educate and to urge action. Any advice?"

"pro-sound money advocacy group" = Great idea.

Advice? Sure... here's my remark about "content":

For a starter, make sure you have an embarrassingly inexhaustible amount of relevant content to pick from, to make the case for sound money and define it correctly to begin with; here are a few entry point:


Murray Rothbard's “The Mystery of Banking”


Mike Hewitt's Hyperinflation Around the Globe


(or: what inevitably happens when man recklessly pretends that centrally managed paper can be money)

Fractional Reserve Banking - the creation of money


(or: the World Wide Ponzi scheme / bankster SCAM documented in plain view of your average, honest man)

"Some" say silver is disappointing lately, after the promising 2011 surge? Disappointing how exactly? "Well...", I say, "depends..."

Stocks vs. the gentleman's PM : the case of silver & case for it


And here are two recent absolute MUST-WATCH:

Bank Fraud in 10 Minutes


Where an AWFUL LOT is covered in just 10 minutes... money debasement, sound money, weights and measures confusion, language confusion. A masterpiece of terseness and informational efficiency.


Mike Maloney's Hidden Secrets of Money (Episode 1)



Enjoying cartoons? See also the nice educational cartoon linked in my signature:


Etc, etc.

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Tell them about silver!


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Awesome idea!

Will do!

I would contact Campaign for

I would contact Campaign for Liberty. They would give you some good advise and hook you up with any resources in the area.