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Study: Female Brains Are Smaller Than Male Brains, But Used More Efficiently

March 4, 2013

SACRAMENTO (CBS Sacramento) - The findings of a new study reveal that, while women do have smaller brains than men, women use the grey matter they do have more efficiently than their male counterparts.

According to The Daily Mail, a team of researchers from both the University of California and abroad in Madrid made the observation while trying to reconcile the discrepancy between male and female brain size and the equality of intelligence between the genders.

The female brain is reportedly 8 percent smaller than the male brain, on average.

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I have something to say about this.

Just hold on a second.

Don't feed the pandas. Ever.

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Good Mother Nature :)

Ah, you've got to love Mother Nature.

She's made great designs, in my book. :)

Anyway, I guess this confirms the saying...

"Small is beautiful."


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I wouldn't be surprised

My wife is smaller than me, ergo, her head is smaller than mine. She says I have a big head (and a hard one).

But I'm pretty sure she's smarter than me.

(She's got a Ph.D)

Yeah, pretty sure.

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"women use the grey matter they do have more efficiently "


2nd post of yours today that has made me smile Bob.

Glad I could bring some joy into your life.

That is not the usual reaction to my posts.

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You are one of my favorite posters

I watched the cometary showers video you posted the other day a few times. I always check for your posts.