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Dr. Paul Hammering Away In Canada

Here is an article from The Globe and Mail...

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You guys are a breath of fresh air.

I'm afraid those comments are pretty typical. I often feel outnumbered by the blindness that comes from good intentions and shortsightedness. We're a country that cares to the point that we'll let our government do anything to us. But, I think that's changing. Exhibit A: the number of Canadians on the DP.

Give them hell RP ...you got

Give them hell RP ...you got Nigel there to follow up. Too bad that Aussie is there.


I never post, but as a

I never post, but as a Canadian who follows this site everyday I was compelled to post on this one. The comments are frustrating to me and speaks volumes to how unknowledgeable our population is. But! It's equally frustrating when I read the comments from the Huffington post, or NYT, or something like that in the U.S. Just shows how much work we have to do. I will continue to try to "wake up" as many people as I can up here. And like down there, one day they will say. Ron Paul was right.

Ron Paul brought me here.

Globe and Mail


Right there with you brother.

Liberty is growing all around us.

Our chapter of We Are Change Victoria has our own public access television show called 'Freedom Free For All' which airs every weekend on Shaw Cable Channel 4.

People around the city are starting to recognize us in random places.

Freedom is popular!

Go forth and produce public access tv.



Watch this dry yet astonishing Dr. Robert Beck cancer treatment lecture on Google Video - search "Suppressed Medical Discovery" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkiX0jJJozk

I'd like to watch that

Is it on youtube or something?

Crap; they don't show it up island




Another misleading and poor article apart from the term noninterventionist instead of isolationist.


More than a few

Canadian zombies, according to the replies for that article. Sounds like most Europeans and Aussies.

This is the New World


Im not too concerned about the comments, for one: We got people here in USA who talk like this and think they know everything! Numero dos: those comments are the product of a true Mob rule democracy (which thankfully we dont live in). Im sure nearly half of those folks have not even listened to Dr. Paul's entire speech, Let us be thankful these same people are not running for office.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?


"If a Canadian went to Texas to express an opinion that went against the grain, as Ron Paul's opinion does for the majority of Canadians, someone could very likely pull out a gun on the spot. As a Libertarian, Ron Paul might support that, in theory."

Lord almighty...this may be the case in a couple of years, but do people really think this? I live in Houston, btw.

No one is shot for stating their opinions. We have our share of liberals here. This isn't the wild west!

The irony...

I've heard many, many Canadians claim that people from Texas actually think we live in igloos. It's always said with a smug superiority, as though we are all so much better informed when it comes to the lifestyles of Americans who live closer to Mexico. It's such a cliche here that I've probably repeated it a few times myself.

Imagine someone who only watches MSNBC and Fox and reads the NYT... then imagine that person belongs to a smaller outside group with its own media propagating the idea that he's so much more rational and enlightened.


I assure you I don't think that at all (I'm sure you don't assume I think that either.)

I've never heard Texans claim that either. In fact, I have the assumption that most Canadians make fun of Texans as hicks and cowboys! Hahaha.

They do!

You can see proof of that in those comments.

I doubt most Texans haven't given Canada or Canadians a much thought at all... at least I can't think of a good reason why they would, and I especially can't think of a good reason to look down on a Texan for not taking it upon himself to learn all about us.

I know far more about your culture that of other Canadians who live on the opposite side of Canada because your culture is well documented in all kinds of entertainment media and theirs isn't. Of course, what's presented in entertainment is often very inaccurate.

Just looking at all the "Mind your own business" and "Go home" comments in that article... these people should be ashamed of themselves. As if 99% of them don't routinely weigh in on American issues on American web sites.

It would be awesome if just for a couple of days a year millions of Americans took to Canadian web sites to discuss Canadian politics.

Well, idk

You're the Canadian =P

When I see Texan blogs and the comments posted on them, I don't assume they make up the majority of Texan opinions =P

I would certainly hope people don't assume that. Seriously, encourage anyone in Canada to look up images of Houston and then ask them if their impression of Texas is that only cowboys, hicks, rubes, rednecks, and yokels live here!

I'd remind them that Texas has one of the largest cities in the world. Being large has its characteristics, such as being civilized and industrialized.

You can take my word for it: No one gets shot or killed for their political opinions in Texas.

Just telling it like it is

> I would certainly hope people don't assume that.

Sadly, I have to tell you, they do. And not only that, they make shit up and say YOU believe it, and then hold up those made up facts as justification of their moral own superiority.

Here look:

This is the state broadcaster.. oh sorry, public broadcaster, CBC. Only places like China have state broadcasters.

Basically, it's the college liberal meme:

I should make a Canadian meme: Makes fun of Texans for being unable to name the current Prime Minister of Canada... Can't name the prime minister of Norway.

Vigorously debates US domestic policy with Americans on the the internet... highly offended when an American offers his opinion on Canadian policy.

Makes fun of Americans for not knowing where Saskatchewan is... can't even name 40 out of 50 states.

> I'd remind them that Texas has one of the largest cities in the world. Being large has its characteristics, such as being civilized and industrialized.

Quiet you. You're interrupting my feelings superiority! Mind your own business, and go back to cleaning your "assault weapons" and ironing your KKK outfit.

I bet most of the Canadians

I bet most of the Canadians commenting on that article about how our single-payer healthcare industry is so cheap don't realize it's more than 40% of the total budget in BC, premiums have been risen many times in the last 20 years, and they're going to rise again soon. That, and good luck finding a GP. (Health care is under provincial jurisdiction in Canada, though richer (read: more populous) provinces are required to subsidize poorer ones)

Sure, the current HMO system you guys have is even worse, but what we have isn't nearly as efficient as medical areas the government doesn't pay for such as dentistry and cosmetic surgery.


Well, odds are most of those Canadians who posted a comment to the original article, do cross border shopping. They don't care that their cross border shopping hurts Canadian businesses.... LOL!

This past year, Canada loving Canadians spent over 5 billions dollars shopping south of the border, in a capitalist country that shall go unnamed.

I'm not sure if Americans are enjoying freemartket healthcare to begin with.

Someone below said Canadians are stupid... I agree and that's because of American garbage TV programs piped in 24/7/365. LOL!

north of the 49th parallel

I've already commented twice

I've already commented twice on this forum. No doubt my comment will be buried, as usual. There is no chronology with the comments to return debate with responders. Judging from the majority of comments, the Canadian psyche is already brainwashed. There does not seem to be the intellectual tolerance that once was expected in a political discourse. Canada is deeply indoctrinated with the Socialist's mantra...bought and paid for. However having said that please don't forget that the Globe and Mail is a controlled establishment msm.. Rural Canadians are fighting the brave fight against wind turbines, confiscation of raw milk and farms, corrupt governments, a decline in our health care and our education system, and property values. Foreigners have been buying up our properties (a lot of waterfront) site unseen for decades. The new reallocation of peoples are foreign students...a lucrative business. Canada is the forerunner of what is being forced on U.S.

I chose this username

Just to make sure you would know we're not all a bunch of brainwashed socialists. :)

I'll just leave this here.


Good to know...

Good to know...

I'm surprised that's even on CBC.

I've never heard them give anything but condemnation for gun owners, and hunters for that matter. I can't stand the CBC anymore. I use to listen mainly because of Quarks and Quarks and the Debaters, but it's becoming more and more apparent that they are just a bunch of globalist propaganda mouths (That realization is partly because of Ron Paul, coincidentally, who they bashed during caucuses and took a sound bite saying "we're dangerous" from a quote pointing out the hypocrisy of pundits saying that "following the constitution means we're dangerous".) Also, their world news just parrots american MSM garbage and they are always pushing for federal intervention in everything. They paint obama as some civil libertarian and an anti war president, love the UN and anything dressed up as "environmental", and are turning into major intervention advocates.

Thanks for sharing. It was

Thanks for sharing. It was only last century that we got archery as part of our gym class, can you believe? It's quieter than guns eh?

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Freedom is a byproduct of acceptance - judge not.

Thanks, I'll try it if I can

Thanks, I'll try it if I can find it now.

Read the Comments

If these represent the whole of Canada, they're intellectually dead.

It's the Globe and Mail

It was a good newspaper once upon a time but now you can skim through it in a couple of minutes with out finding anything worth reading.

The news media in Canada blacked out Ron Paul during the campaign with rare exceptions, so very few know anything about him.

Canadian Professor

I spoke with one once and he said that the population for the most part has the intellectual capacity about the equivalent of a grade 6 level. Then again he told me he did his graduate studies at Harvard.


Canadian Professor

I spoke with one once and he said that the population for the most part has the intellectual capacity about the equivalent of a grade 6 level. Then again he told me he did his graduate studies at Harvard.