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We need to stop anti government posting.

We need to stop anti government posts. If it wasn't for the government, Ron Paul wouldn't have a following like he does, he'd just be a doctor. If it wasn't for government, we wouldn't have a 911 "truth" movement to occupied our time with. We wouldn't have holocaust denial, there never could have even been a holocaust without government. There are very wealthy financial interest that strongly support government, so we should too. We should not be tolerating these posts that are nothing more than government intolerance.

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People say that unfunded liabilities willbe paid by our children

in the future.

I say, if they owe us this money, why don't they start working it off now?

I mean, who says 8 is too young to have a job. It's been done before, and we had an industrial revolution!

Pandacentricism will be our downfall.