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Sandy Hook question

I've heard that the families of Sandy Hook involved with this current situation all moved there within the past couple years. Could someone help me find more on this particular inquiry, perhaps possible verification. If this is true, I think it has great importance, I hope someone here is willing and able to assist me with this endeavour.

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I agree

I have at least 15 specific questions about all the descrepancies within the 'official' story. But I really feel that this particular question has great relevance. Supposedly Sandy Hook underwent a form of makeover/upgrade and with this up grade came new residents, these new residents happen to be the families involved with the resent situation there. I'm having difficulty finding the truth of the matter, but I really feel this could open up a whole new side of the story. We need to know where these people came from, when they came, why they came.

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One family is leaving...

I can't remember the video I saw that gave the names and how long they've been there but will look for it. Seemed like 2 years was the max, others shorter.


His parents Ian and Nicole Hockley, who moved to the U.S. from Hampshire, England two years ago, opened up about the joy that Dylan, who had autism, had brought to their lives.

Parkers: He moved his family from Utah to Connecticut eight months ago after accepting a job as a physician's assistant in the newborn unit at Danbury Hospital. http://www.cnn.com/2012/12/16/us/connecticut-emilie-parker Although I've read that they moved to CT from New Mexico and lived in Utah prior to that.

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For me,

the only question I ask is where is the surveillance video of SH and Aurora? Seems to me that they would answer most questions, yet we have not seen anything and there has been no mention of video.

The media is always quick to get the vid of any horrendous or frightful thing that happens and they play it on the tv over and over (ex, JFK, Reagen, Columbine, robberies etc) but neither show or talk about the video from those two instances.

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