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142 Firearms Companies Boycotting Anti-Gun States

See New York Boycott Tracker for a complete list.

From LewRockwell.com:

Wilson Combat, famous manufacturer of premium 1911 pistols and AR-15 rifles, had put themselves on the ever-growing list of manufacturers who are making it a matter of policy to not supply law enforcement in states with prohibitive gun control.

Simply put, if your people don’t have access to the guns they want, neither can your police.

“Wilson Combat will no longer provide any products or services to any State Government imposing legislation that infringes on the Second Amendment rights of its law-abiding citizens. This includes any Law Enforcement Department, Law Enforcement Officers, or any State Government Entity or Employee of such an entity. This also applies to any local municipality imposing such infringements.

“States currently included in our No-Sale Policy are: California, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Washington D.C. and Chicago, Illinois.

“Wilson Combat will in no way support the government of these states or their anti-gun agenda that only limits the rights of law-abiding citizens. Wilson Combat will continue to supply any product and/or service they can legally sell in these states to all non-government affiliated citizens.”

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New York Boycott Tracker

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The number of companies boycotting anti-gun states is now 122!

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Upstate New York Thinking Secession Over Gun Control

See article: New York's gun debate reignites upstate-downstate split

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Ending "the police loophole"

From KSL.com:

More than 70 U.S. companies, ranging from gun shops to gun machinists, are calling for an end to "the police loophole" through a reverse boycott to local and state governments that enact any legislation that infringes upon the Second Amendment.

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Wow! *70* Companies

Looks like the 2nd Amendment is at least going to be upheld by the manufacturers!

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Even more

That 70 was mentioned in an article published on 2/25. Take another look at this thread's topic - 117 as of 3/4!

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