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A working model that solves global desertification... An amazing TED-talk!

If those of us whose knees jerk and blood pressures rise whenever we hear the words "climate change" can remain calm and watch this extraordinary story, our worldviews may be changed for the better forever.

This video is short and clear. It demonstrates how we can solve many of the worlds global problems with some simple techniques. Allan Savory presents one of the greatest Ted talks ever, "How to green the world's deserts and reverse climate change".

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Finally! Sensible ecology.

My knee-jerk conservative friends have always considered me a "sell-out" because I also happen to be a "green." We have access ti all the answers if we just open our minds and "look at the big picture."

I Love This.

That's it.

I love people who FIGURE SH*T OUT.
Reminds me of Temple Grandin.

I Love Passionate, Solution-Oriented People.
Great, Great Post.

Get Up-Voted, Bud :)

Great video! Interesting to learn that about livestock!

Also cool to watch the Sepp Holzer stuff below about water retention..

I remember watching a video where Fukuoka talks about planting a lot of trees to create rain. I think trees also provide the shade, cover, mulch to reverse desertification as well.

Whether you plant more trees, get more livestock on your land, or create a water retention landscape I think working with nature is definitely the key...

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This was awesome.

Thank you for sharing.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

I think so, too, P. Nicholson.

Here is someone who has worked out a cost-effective, culturally feasible methodology to restore vast swaths of desert and begin to reverse the incredible damage that Homo sapiens is still causing to 2/3 of Earth's land surface. And he has several working models in place to demonstrate how it can be done effectively on a large scale.

It is an awesome accomplishment.

When and how will these truly great leaders ever gain the support and resources they need for a global, positive impact in a civilization such as ours?

Desert or Paradise - Sepp Holzers Latest Book

Thanks for the link, hawkiye

I haven't read this yet. But, I have become familiar with Sepp Holzer's methods and history of successes through the many videos and podcasts that feature him that can be found at Permies.com.

Holzer is coming back to the USA this spring for some workshops. Here is a link with that info:


I see Allan Savory's approach to solving desertification to likely be more cost-effective and conducive to a large-scale projects in third-world cultures. Sepp Holzer's working models are magnificent, too. Most that I know of are installed in "first-world" sites. Both men are giants in their fields of expertise and in their understanding of the importance of partnering with Nature.

I like Allen's approach too

I like Allen's approach too and tend to agree with you on it. I was glad to see it was not just theory but he had working models. It think Sepp would mostly agree with him on it too especially water retention being paramount.

I think Sepps approach is very important in decentralizing food production and toward farmers for local and regional food production. Also Sepp takes it several steps further with water retention using ponds and terracing and diversity of plants to balance things.

However Allens approach is a big and necessary first step in re-greening large bad areas for low cost.

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Livestock plays a big role in Sepp Holzer's installations, too

Watching the video of Holzer's hogs as they root up (and fertilize) his garden areas with Holzer walking along behind sowing a poly-culture of seeds into his pig-plowed soil is classic permaculture entertainment for me.

I knew little about Allan Savory's work until I saw this TED talk. One part that really impressed me was his courageous confession that he was largely responsible for the slaughter of 40,000 elephants due to his well-meaning but ill-conceived land management decisions earlier in his career. And how he has dedicated the rest of his career to find these better solutions inspired by his regrets over his terrible mistake.

Most people wouldn't have the character to mention such an early career tragedy. I respect him as a scientist and a visionary all the more by hearing about it from him firsthand.

If you're interested in how to do this

There's a new book called "Restoration Agriculture", by Mark Shepard, a profitable permaculture farmer in Wisconsin. The most productive biome is a savannah. The most productive food plants are perennials, not annuals. Mark has developed an agricultural savannah, which rotates livestock, as in the system described in the TED talk.

Here's a comprehensive talk. Start at 1:22:20 for a picture of the farm and a few central ideas.


Wow that is a great video! I

Wow that is a great video! I just got done watching it. I really like this guy and he is doing it and making a living... Thanks for posting Have to get his book now!

End The Fat
70 pounds lost and counting! Get in shape for the revolution!

Get Prepared!

He has many YouTube videos also

You are the third person who has recommended this book to me this year. It is now officially a "must-read."

I have enjoyed and learned a great deal from many of Mark Shepard's YouTube videos over the last few years. His dry sense of humor is appealing to me.

In many ways permaculture is the future, if we are to have one worth living at all. I encourage everyone to learn all they can about the topic and, please, share the enthusiasm with our young ones. They desperately need something hopeful in their lives.

"sustainable" is the other dirty word we need to get over

I know it is a "pet phrase" of Agenda 21, and yet... it is still a word, and a good concept. I WANT a "sustainable" farm, not an unsustainable one....
Permaculture, aquaponics - we can turn this place back into Eden.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Welcome, fishyculture. I hoped that you would show up here.

It is a sad how meanings of words get corrupted. We have to applaud Dr. Paul (the Elder) for managing to seize control of the meaning of the word "liberty" and keeping it safe from corruption so far.

It is most unfortunate that "climate change" has been tainted with the "global warming" boondoggle. Yet, as earthlings, we only have to look around us to know that the climate "ain't what it used to be."

Yes, I am with you on turning this planet back to Eden, one permaculture operation at a time. I have mine, you have yours... now, all we need to do is inspire a couple billion more of our neighbors to do the same.

Good video! Yep mimic or

Good video! Yep mimic or work with nature what a concept! Good for him... Here is another gentlemen who has been doing this for 40 years and I think takes it much further by building self sustainable eco systems:

I did a thread on him too check out his farm in the Austrian Alps its is the garden of Eden... http://www.dailypaul.com/268906/heaven-on-earth-if-you-ask-me

End The Fat
70 pounds lost and counting! Get in shape for the revolution!

Get Prepared!

Thanks, hawkiye. Sepp Holzer is the Godfather of permaculture.

Seth Holzer was developing permaculture methodology 20 years before the word "permaculture" entered the dictionary.

The methods and the "founding fathers" for a new sustainable future are here now. All that is needed is the spreading of the ideas to reach a cultural tipping point.


for inspiration!

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Simple, but there is one that could remove two threats at once..

Expel the statists from our government, have a foreign policy that is Jeffersonian, {No more foreign aid, especially to dictatorial governments} and 'do unto others.....

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

When it comes to Cultural vs. Political, Golden Rule tops all...

When it comes to Cultural vs. Political solutions for a promising future for humanity, the Golden Rule tops all...

...Especially if you include Nature in the formula.

"Do unto each other and Nature as you would like others and Nature to do unto you."

2:36 says it all...

we should really be doing a much better job cleaning up after ourselves. Our children are going to be PISSED.

I would add that if anti-grav technology was released on the free market - we would no longer need paved roads.

You said it, vinceablewold!

And, our great-grandchildren are going to be pissed, too, at the rate we are moving now.

Two-thirds of the world becoming a desert under our stewardship is disgraceful.

What if the mighty military units of the world set their sights on this enemy (desertification)? This would be an all-out assault that I could support.

And, while we are visualizing worthwhile enemies, how about the recovery of the waste plastic in the North Pacific gyre (a.k.a. Great Pacific Garbage Patch)? Wouldn't that be a "just war" for a great allied Navy?

Another issue

Another issue that I wish he pointed out, was the problem with mass cross-introduction of different foliage. A good part of the US is very insistent with grass being the visual norm around homes, but it actually is causing more issues with the ecosystem. I'm not talking about selecting the fruits and vegetation for your garden, but being forced to cover your property with grass(which then gives buyers the incentive to buy grass-types that look a certain way, or grow at a certain speed, fighting the micro-environment.)

I am more amazed about American lawns since I moved away

Here on Crete, grass lawns are very rare. I have only seen one lawn mower in operation in my village over the last four years. I know we have a few at some resorts, but I've never even seen a golf course during my travels all around the island.

The island covers over 3000 sq. miles. About one million people live here during the warmer months.

But, we do have a growing problem with desertification. We are on the edge of one of one of the regions that Savory has circled on the world map in this video that is centered over North Africa.

(BTW, mods, thanks for the embed!)

I get the trampled dead grass

I get the trampled dead grass thing, but how does grazing revitalize land that no longer has grass growing at all?

Herd movement is the key

Crystallas and Phathead well describe the process in their posts below.

The movement of the herds is the tricky part of this process. Allan Savory takes a question regarding this at the end of the video and answers, to paraphrase, that that the planning for his holistic grazing patterns is rather complicated.

Naturally, tremendous herds of grazing animals used to migrate thousands of miles across the great plains of the world, like the buffalo (American bison) in North America and the wildebeest and zebra in East Africa. Today, barriers, such as fences and roads, and access to surface water make herd movements a great challenge.

Humidification proccess

Treating the dead land isn't the solution. It's expanding the rich land that is the solution. If you look at how herds do this, they will bunch up and feed on whatever plot of land, then basically crap and pee allover, and stomp all of that in. The edge of the humid land expands and expands over time. This means, and as the video suggested, that we bring more livestock to these edges.

Not sure

I will give you a few of my best guesses. The herds till the soil and break the crust which allows water to penetrate, plus they add natural fertilizer. I would imagine seeds are in the fertilizer too.


I have been theorizing the same solution for many years(and looking like a fool when debating the concept of using nature to solve desertification with watermelon liberals and conservatives alike). The sad truth is, if we simply allowed competing solutions, then we would have realized this so much sooner.

You are right, Crystallas

Humanity suffers from our extreme arrogance that we can outsmart Nature.

Nature will teach us all we need to know to return to a sustainable path of existence on this planet... if we would just accept our role as an ardent student.

Thanks for this very interesting TED-talk

You write: "Nature will teach us all we need to know to return to a sustainable path of existence on this planet... if we would just accept our role as an ardent student."

I will say to these words: AMEN!

These words of yours express in a nutshell the method of my philosophical thinking in my PhD, if you just change the word 'nature' to 'breathing'.

By the way are you familiar of Maurice Merleau-Ponty's book: "Nature: Course Notes from the Collège de France"? In this book Merleau-Ponty (my favorite philosopher) opens his philosophy of Nature. In this book one of my favorite lines says: "perception teaches us an ontology that it alone can reveal to us." In a certain way this Merleau-Ponty's phrase states your statement in its own philosophical language as for Merleau-Ponty 'perception' is the nature within us and without us. Perception is not a thing in the nature, it is the very opening of the Nature itself.

"Air is the very substance of our freedom, the substance of superhuman joy....aerial joy is freedom."--Gaston Bachelard--