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Ron Paul: Push change ‘any way you can’

Three-time presidential candidate Ron Paul called on political leaders to ignore traditional party platforms to find lasting policy solutions.

The former Republican congressman and self-described libertarian told the packed Lisner Auditorium crowd that crossing party lines was crucial to steering the country in a new direction.

“Right now if you agree that we have to have a change, then change it any way you can, because it’s your attitudes, your minds who are going to have to pay for it and deal with the consequences,” Paul said.

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Too funny

Such a phony.

Welcome, Vanmind :-)

I see that you registered only 20 days ago. I am a newbie of just one year.

Stick around, Liberty, Freedom, is addictive.

It takes some getting used to, but once you do, there is no turning back :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Too funny

I got past Ron Paul hero worhip many years ago, and only signed up here because of the shock I encountered upon learning how much misguided support was being placed behind Ron Paul's attempt to usurp the ronpaul.com domain name.

I am a market anarchist now, maybe you'll advance that far some day. Here's your first lesson: no politician can ever possibly deliver liberty & freedom.


And I think you worship your ego.

You mention that you graduated from Ron Paul worship into anarchism. Congratulations. But would you have graduated into anarchism without authors and activists like Ron Paul?

So what do you really want, Vanmind?

Do you want to impress others with your reading list? Or are you are troll seeking amusement? Or do you want a medal for being so much smarter than the many liberty neophytes and recovering progressives and neocons that lurk here?

Or maybe you aspire to create something... to enlighten others, perhaps?

If so, you would do well to recognize that making enemies out of Ron Paul fans does nothing to advance your ideas on a Ron Paul site. It's therefore irrational.. unless you are merely a nihilist masquerading as a sophist. Many of these people here are where you were only a few years ago. Help them to graduate like you.

Right now...

...I just want to ridicule anyone who has the word "war" in their username and then dares to talk about ego.

Spot the sophistry. I defy you.

Oh, and I haven't read a single Ron Paul book. Why would I bother?

It's a play on words, not an advocacy of war

Yes, "Gnome DeGuerre" is a play on "Nom DeGuerre" which itself is the term for psuedonyms taken by French Legionnaires.

But it has more to do with psuedonyms than wars. Of course, there are many types of "war"... one being the war of ideas of which you and I are both part.

But again, most people here are on the path to anarcho-capitalism. Some are obviously further along than others. All libertarians are anarchists because, regardless of the amount of government, they all believe that it can be made smaller.

If you are a maarket anarchist as you say, then why alienate yourself from them? Why not try to win them over?

One need never win over an anarchist

...for each of them is already victorious.

You misunderstood

I'm suggesting winning over people who are not yet anarchists. Might that be a better use of your intellect?

I try to stick to shaming

I consider polling stations in the same way that a sterotypical "conservative christian" might consider abortion clinics (hint: legalized murder factory).

Don't worry, I only came here in the first place to keep tabs on the whole Ron Paul trying to usurp ronpaul.com thing. I've never been much for "social media," it's too easy to dehumanize everyone (and I make a Dali-esque pretense of an effort to broadcast as much). I'll be gone once the ol' ICAAN shuffle is complete, or mayber earlier if the admins here get too much of my BS stuck in their craw.

"Ron Paul hero worship"

"no politician can ever possibly deliver liberty & freedom"

Agreed :-)

Ron Paul IS a hero. To me, anyway.

I do not worship anything or anybody, I am far too independent. As for me advancing someday, anything is possible, even at this stage of my life, lol. But I do plan on advancing the ideas of Liberty, and liberty, for the next generations, for they are the future.

Btw, do you begin all of your posts with 'Too funny'? Because that would be too funny :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

No not all posts

It just seemed fitting to follow the first with the second.

I am glad that you recognize the utter uselessness of politicians. Are you hip to the whole "Social Contract" thing, that such a concept represents history's most tragic example of mass psychosis?

Have you read Etienne de la Boetie?


No, I have not read Etienne de la Boetie, but I am very aware of social contracts and do understand the pitfalls of them.

I agree, politicians are useless, but that is what there is. IMO, as useless as politicians are, if we bail out of the process now, tptb would easily win. Maybe that is the ultimate solution. Maybe our involvement is merely prolonging the inevitable. Or, maybe, just maybe, we can yield enough awareness during all of this that it will unite enough people to revolt and take our Republic back.

These are difficult times, indeed. I have often thought about going about my business as a small l libertarian and let everybody do themselves in [as many may possibly deserve]. But then I ponder that however this nation ultimately ends up, it can and will someday effect me, no matter how far removed from society I may become.

I am not an isolationist. I do interact with many, many people everyday. I feel that it is my duty, my honor, to participate and try to effect the change that will hopefully make our nation great once again.

I gave you a vote up :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Difficult times yes

I am concerned (at least in this context) by the use of terms like "we" and "unite" and "revolt" and "take." Typically, though, such language isn't malicious but rather is a sign of still being under the veil, so to speak.

I consider republics to be as fraudulent as any other type of pretend governance. What TPTB fear more than anything else in the world is a marketplace free from political interference.

Have you read "The State" by Franz Oppenheimer?

I am a pacifist, so the terms

I am a pacifist, so the terms that I use are very loose, and for others to interpret how they choose.

I am opposed to violence of any degree. I am all but certain that my cot is already reserved for me at the local fema. From there, I will continue to preach the Golden Rule :-)

No, I have not read "The State" by Franz Oppenheimer, either. I have never been involved politically my entire life, until last year when I accidentally stumbled across Ron Paul. I do have a lot to catch up on. What struck me with Ron was comparing his principles with those of mine, and how much we are in alignment. That is why I chose to support him.

It is up to the young generation now. My door is alway open and I enjoy the conversation, I am sure that I have just as much to learn as they do :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

I was going to leave you with the last word

...because usually I'm bad about that kind of thing. I cannot, however, pass up an opportunity to remind everyone that not being involved politically is actually the key to secular salvation. Political activism is inherently immoral, instead be economic activists.

Those two books (de la Boetie and Oppenheimer) sum it up great -- and they were published several hundred years apart.

Most people aren't active politically

and look where it has gotten us. Tuning out doesn't work. It's akin to turning a blind eye.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Thanks, Vanmind :-)

I will take a gander at those books :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Ron Paul Speaking?

Does anyone know when Ron Paul is speaking next? Is there a schedule out of his appearances? I'd love to see him again.

Ron Paul speaking


He will be in knoxville ...

We need a videographer for him.

He is headlining the Manning Conference in Canada tomorrow

as well

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

Repeating himself once again.

I want video, not enough RP lately! He had the same message before too.. Each of us is good at something different. Do whatever we are good at to influence positive change. Blog, run for office, write articles, make videos, video games, websites. Something, anything, please, hello.. That's what hes saying..




Sounds like he's advocating Anarchy!


Agorism, my friend ;)


You mean the word coined by Sam Konkin to decribe people who favored the non-aggression principal but also didn't believe in punishment in violation of said principal?


;a revolutionary left-libertarian political philosophy that advocates the goal of bringing about a society in which all relations between people are voluntary exchanges by means of counter-economics. << That


I see your position, but I don't agree on the application of it by Ron Paul. Agorism doesn't believe in contracting of labor for wages, a great hinderance to its progression in society. It believes in entrepreneurship in that individuals would create for themselves, and society, instead of garnering support staff to help streamline whatever process was created by said entrepreneur.

jrd3820's picture

Any way you can...

That's great to hear... I'll keep doing it my way then.

ET, phone home.