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Leaked Pentagon video - flu vaccine use to modify human behavior

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Nothing surprises me now

I did some research on Funvax and it appears that it is credible. Do your own homework before you decide one way or another. Most people are in denial. Some people can't believe that our government and/or military would do such a crazy thing but it has been happening for decades. In the 1950's, when I was a child, the polio vaccine that they gave us contained cancers. TRUE The documents have been acquired by the FIA which does not allow some information to be releases for decades for one purpose...because if my parents had known at the time that this was happening, they would have been storming the doors of our government. Decades later? Doesn't seem real so we brush it aside. Also in the 1950's, in St Louis city, the "government" put sprayers on top of buildings spraying chemicals that we now know had chemicals, toxic waste, virus's and nuclear waste. Why? To see what affect it would have on the populus (including older people and children) THIS IS DOCUMENTED and obtained again, through the FIA. We have been living and continue to live in the test tubes of the eugenecists that want the vast majority of us DEAD. Whether for weapons of war in other countries or to cull the population of "worthless parasites" they call people, it doesn't matter. What matters is that they are killing us slowly and we sit back and call it a "conspiracy theory". The human mind is an amazing thing and decent people are not capable of accepting that there are evil people out there that mean them harm...so goes our civilization.

Here is a clearer version that clearly shows fakery

Some portions of the audio are dubbed over what is likely real content but then you see it go out of sync as the shot then conveniently uses a fake zoom effect that is a post production effect to move the speaker out of frame. I spent quite a bit of time reviewing this months ago when this first surfaced.


Don't believe me. Do your own investigating. Mine concludes that this video is dubbed over with portions of actual dialogue synced to create illusion of being the actual speakers voice.

And "the men in the shadows" sound like they're reading off a script.

Here's a blog with some debunking links as well:


Seems like its origin point to some film maker who originally registered the site funvax.com. He's either a publicity seeking tool or a disinfo agent.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

If this is real

and dates from 2005, just imagine what they've come up with in the 8 years since.

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Research FunVax

Research FunVax

Because: Some animals are more equal than other animals. -Animal Farm-

What the? > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MTIwY3_-ks


After the reality of the damage caused by the Bank of International Settlements and their tentacles like the FED, this level of evil does not surprise me.

These are Psychopaths and Psychopaths are very sick and dangerous people.

We should come up with our own Psychopath vaccine to make these drones more "normal."

..."the slime rises to the top" - Rothbard

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I'm not saying the crazy

I'm not saying the crazy bastards aren't researching nasty stuff, but I couldn't find a source for this. I couldn't find where anyone tried a FOIA request. The project ID doesn't seem to match the DOD or DARPA format.

Do you have anything other than the video for evidence?

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It's the...

ingredients in shots that is enough to make me not want to get it! If you have ever seen the list of ingredients that go into these shots, you wouldn't want to have that injected into your bloodstream.

Please explain....

To all who think this is fake. I await your comments.
I do not know if this is fake but when people just stick their fingers in their ears and say it's fake fake fake it makes me look closer at things.

fearmongering at its finest

please stop with these misleading posts

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It does

I used to suffer from flu twice a year. Since I started taking flu shots several years ago, not a single flu.

My behavior did change. No more sick.

My boss says the same as you.

He said he was sick in bed for 2 weeks straight and it was the worst. He said he has been getting those shots for a few years now and has never gotten sick like that again. I have never gotten that sick(don't even get colds) and have never gotten the shot either. I still tell him they aren't good for him but he said he would rather get them than feel like he did that one year.=/

I Started Taking Vitamins - No More Colds, Either

I haven't had a vaccine of any kind since the late 1970's.

My colds and 'flu' stopped in the late 1990's when I started on the blood type diet which encourages eating foods to boost your immune response. I can't remember the last time I got the 'flu' and it usually happens when I'm off diet and stressed.

'Flu' vaccines don't work for blood type B unless they get a booster, and even then, you can build better anti-bodies by getting the 'flu.'

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/


My blood type is A.

This was a fake

I wonder if these types of videos are put out on purpose as fear mongering or just someone being an idiot.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

I totally agree. The

I totally agree. The dramatic intro scene at the beginning did it for me. Hyping it up for these people who will believe anything they see on here that's not from FOX, CNN, ABC, etc.

Totally fake! Nice try

Totally fake! Nice try though. They could make a great movie out of this idea.

How is it fake?


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Gestures don't match

The words, speaker clears his throat, but keeps gesturing, doesn't put hand to mouth, or stop.

Its like Beyonce singing the national anthem.

Plus the sound of the voice doesn't have any reverb, which it would had this been recorded through a video camera or mic.

Please try again,

Looks like a sloppy video

Looks like a sloppy video used to stir up fear. Don't believe everything you hear on the interwebs.

"in the tests we have conducted"

It sounds like they have indeed tested this on who? people, mice?

Very disturbing.


Small minds doing big and dangerous things.

No one has the right to change someone else into a robotic model of how they think the brain should work. It shows an immature understanding at all levels on the part of these so-called scientists.

They sound more like little boys playing with a toy, and yet will probably get tax funded money to create this monstrous invention and use it on people.

There is something wrong in the mind of this boy scientist who wants to make others like himself. Such arrogance.


I like how it was phrased, "turning them into NORMAL human beings". They were born a certain way that is not seen by this group as "NORMAL" and so they must be made "NORMAL". They had already performed "tests", who do you suppose they "tested" on?

There is

There is no normal. There are a variety of people. None of them are wired "wrong". We are who we are and should be allowed to be who we are.

You are correct.

I get what you are saying and I think we're disagreeing over semantics.

The humans come in all shapes, types, sizes, etc. and should be treated as individuals and allowed to express themselves how they want as long as they don't hurt others.

Both religious extremists and creepy pentagon scientists need to know that.

Yep I think you're right

I agree, well said.

I would add that not all religious extremists hurt others. A group of Muslim extremists hurt others. But there are many Muslim "extremists" who hurt no one. In America for example I'm often called an "extremist" I'm sure, but I'm really just a fundamentalist, and whatever other words the press can make dirty, like "evangelical" ooooo, spooooky! Ha.