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We must begin "...the critically important task of dismantling the secretive national security state.

Kade Crockford, guestblogging for Glenn Greenwald
guardian.co.uk, Tuesday 5 March 2013 07.30 EST

Drones are coming home to skies near you: feel safer?

American democracy urgently needs laws to protect our privacy from the national security state's new surveillance technologies

Military surveillance technologies trickle down to domestic law enforcement faster than ever before. Drones are only one highly controversial example of this endemic problem. And while cutting-edge technologies bring new – and yes, different! – threats to our personal privacy, the right response can be found in the spirit of a document written well before human beings ever conceived of an all-seeing eye in the sky: the Bill of Rights.

Organizations like the ACLU are doing their best to counter the threats posed by emerging technologies with a host of privacy protection bills at the state and federal levels. But we need to come to grips with the fact that the digital revolution necessitates something broader than scattershot law reform, though that will help. Ultimately, we need a mass movement for privacy. We also need to fundamentally rethink our relationship to the government in the post 9/11 era.

The medium is the message – and this one should serve as a warning

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So let's take our own drones and perform private surveilance on

every government official IN THEIR HOMES. See how they like it. $150 would give you a quad-copter with awesome maneuverability and an HD camera with long distance audio.

Turn the tables.

"Huh? What's that? Well, congressman, what do you have to hide?"