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Why does the Canadian government hate Americans?

In the early 90s when I was stationed in Seattle, I used to take my bike across the ferry to Vancouver BC.I would take my drivers license I didn't even need a passport and show it to the Canadian border patrol and get across no problem.

I have been told by colleagues in my industry now that this is a very different situation today and that if you as an American have anything on your record it is nearly impossible to get across the border in Canada.

A truck driver who might have a 20-year-old DWI is no longer allowed into Canada and even if you don't have anything on your record the red tape, bureaucracy and background checks makes it a very lengthy process.

I think it is a shame that these two countries who are neighbors and once considered themselves very strong allies seem to no longer cooperate with each other on border traffic.

My question is this do Canadians have just as much of a problem getting across the American border as Americans do to get across the Canadian border?

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We're all

We're all NAFTAstanians now.

Last I checked Canada was part of North America

but if you call them an "American" they will punch you in the face.

Strange place, eh?


I don't know if they do or not,

but if they do, Ron Paul will change that :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Canucks are hated as loyalist stooges to be annexed by force

Ever since 1783: deep in the hearts of most Americans has taken root the idea that Canucks are to be hated as loyalist stooges, that Canda is not a real country but a portion of these United States denied their proper place within the union by the British, and that the whole is to be annexed by force at some future point.

Naturally, the Canadians have never liked this...

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"

anyway, my whole point in posting this article is this.

we have two bullheaded governments right now, who are waging a war against each other and we as citizens are caught up right in the middle of it.

And instead of just setting around and complaining about it{which I'm doing}we could do be doing something about it.

That is why I have decided to take the initiative and try to post the website where we can sign a petition to which we could put a stop to this border war.

The fact is that I rarely go to Canada if ever but the whole idea is to try to do something about it politically I mean.

It would just be a great accomplishment if we work together from both sides and tried to normalize the border crossing as it once was. Perhaps there was a time when we needed strict security crossing these borders but I think the time is now to ease two it.

It would help both economies on both sides of the border and it could be a great accomplishment that we would show that we could actually change government policy by working together.

Now who's with me who would like to help me set up a website with petition for both Americans and Canadians to sign. To put an end to this irrational policy.

My opinion, is that you should only be held up for crimes that you committed within the last 10 years. I would think that that would show that you have justly paid for your crime and that you have shown sufficient standing that you are a good citizen and should be allowed to cross.

And this also goes for Canadians trying to cross the American border as well.

I cannot remember where I heard this...

...but about a year ago I heard that Stephen Harper couldn't stand Obama and would be less willing to work with the U.S. if he was re-elected. As far as Canadians and Americans...when you live in Michigan...there has always been a family type relationship between the two. It was common place for both to go back and forth across the bridge a few times a year. Actually, my mother was stuck in Canada when 9/11 happened! That was crazy. Ever since then, you need more than your license to go across...it's not the same. However, we still all consider each other friends.

Would that be the Ambassador Bridge?

Or the Bluewater Bridge?

I grew up about half-way between Windsor and Sarnia.

Was talking about Ambass. Bridge...

...but I have been on both...also the tunnel.

Hmmm I am not aware of Canadians hating Americans.

Actually I like Americans and admire what they have created as a nation, and their courage in recognizing the enemy and daring to hold the line.

Border crossings have been made tougher going both ways, and that fits in with the global communist fascists imposing their rule. Expect more regulation and the police state.

please never said Canadians hate Yanks.

only you government.

Who knows about governments?

There is reason though at this time for us all in the world to mistrust the US federal government and in fact all governments that seem to be going along with the NWO and facilitating a global governance.

I'm aware of it

I live not too far from the border and there are many Canadian transplants and tourists here, especially a few miles north of my area. While many of them don't seem to "hate" America/ns, I notice that many seem to feel the need to throw in a jab at the US whenever possible (usually about healthcare or gay marriage), while talking about how amazing Canada is, yet get all bent out of shape whenever an American does it in return.

The best argument I've heard from a Canadian was "our country is larger, therefore we are more powerful." The sad part-- he was being 100% serious.

That said, I'm aware that it's just a vocal minority.

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Because it's been

20 years since Canada won the Stanley Cup. Go Blackhawks.

Ron Paul Was Right


The Black Hawks cup winning team in 2010 had 16 Canadians and only 3 Americans.

It's down to 13

This year. 43 out of a possible 46 points, lol

Ron Paul Was Right

I don't get a vote up

for an lol?

Ron Paul Was Right

I was spooked about all this

when I wanted to ride with my sister to Vancouver as she was competing in a cross-country cannonball scooter race there. I had an 11 year old DUI, and a fresh new misdemeanor. I had my passport, and they let me through. They did ask a lot of questions though. Wanted to know how long I'd be there, the actual address of the motel I'd be staying at. He asked if I had money, I said yes, and he wanted to see it! lol.

Coming back - 'our' guards looked meaner, more militarized, and I noticed a lot of cars in the holding area being searched. Wanted to know why I was in Canada and for how long, where I was headed, where I lived and worked.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

I was spooked, too, and this was before 911

After a week spent w/my children fishing at a lake near the border, before heading home we decided to cross into Canada, mostly just to be able to say we'd been there. Then, when I was asked by the guard if I had any of the verboten items on this long list he read - guns, knives, explosives, drugs, etc. - I made the mistake of admitting I did. Pepper spray. It was this tiny and likely useless can I kept in the glove compart-ment. (I think I picked it up one time where I get my oil changed.) They made me park and go into the immigration bldg, where I was asked numerous questions by someone behind a thick plexiglass window while a guard stood at the door. I then had to repeat everything in writing: identify myself, state my plans, acknowledge that I'd "surrendered" a contraband item... My youngest (then in elementary school) had come in with me. With each new set of forms pushed through the hole, I'd give him a little smile and roll my eyes. Really, it was taking forever. I stopped smiling when suddenly and for no apparent reason, I was escorted into a back room where the metal door was closed, and I was asked who the boy was. I was then ASKED IF I HAD PROOF THAT HE WAS MY CHILD. Once I was allowed to leave, I couldn't get back on American soil soon enough. Au revoir, au Canada, pour toujours!

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~ John Muir

The way it is...

All right folks I am one of those Canadians that has sworn not to cross into the USA. But like a typical Canadian I have broken that vow, but I had a really good excuse.... Winter Golf and Gambling. But I digress.

My experience is that it is always harder to get back into Canada once they "let" you out. I've never had a hassle from TSA or customs people going down or leaving the States. However almost every single time coming into Canada it is a royal pain. They make you feel like a criminal. So fear ye not Lancealotlink, it's not that Canada hates Americans, it's that the Canadian government hates everybody. So all is good ;)

If I do decide to go into the USA, I really do have to think about it. I have to ask myself if the USA is going to implode while I'm down there. It's like knowingly heading into Hitler's Nazi Germany.

I'm not saying that Canada is any different. Harper is a Zionist Pig also. He puts Israel before Canada just like he's told to.

Bottom line though, It has nothing to do with the Canadian or American people themselves. It is all about our corporate controlled governments. It should be no surprise to anyone by now that the people of our respective countries have no say in the matters of their own countries. It's all about the globalist war pigs. In all my travels I don't think I ever met an American I didn't like. I'm sure there's plenty of a-holes down there but I've yet to personally meet one.

Hey Archons', we are taking our planet back and there's nothing you can do about it!

all governments.

All governments hate All peasants. to govern is to control, to control others is to hate them with a passion.

love is freedom.

"if you love something you let it go, if it loves you, it will return."

I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.

There is no ferry from Seattle to Vancouver

They are both on the mainland.

And yes, Canadians get hassled even more going south than Americans get hassled going north. "Homeland security" and all that. The "DWI" thing, stupid as it is, has been an aspect of criminal Canada Immigration activity for decades.

Note: when you cross the border into Canada, two different bureaucracies hassle you. One is called "Canada Customs" and pretends to be in a position to forbid you from bringing goods across the border, and the other is called "Canada Immigration" and pretends to be in a position to deny entry to persons themselves for various fraudulent reasons (e.g. "I see here you had a DWI in the 70's, tsk tsk").

Hmm as best as I can recall

There used to be a ferry that would take you from Seattle to Vancouver.And it was the eighties when I had a run in with the law.

That's ok

I think maybe you did what a lot of Canadians do: mix up Vancouver Island with the city of Vancouver.

Did you visit a city named Victoria? If so, you were on Vancouver Island. The city of Vancouver is not on Vancouver Island.

I know. Kinda dumb.

yea thats probalbly the case

it was very beutiful over there.Very clean city. Victoria

Yes, ha, very clean

It's also known among Canadians as "...the city of the newly-wed and the nearly-dead."

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My friend was not allowed in

He's 45 and was driving up to Montreal for a vacation with his wife.

DUI when he was 19 years old and they turned him away at the border!

Poor guy had to spend the weekend in Vermont.

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The dialectic in action...


The false/engineered Problem - difficult border crossing
Reaction - anger and frustration and bewilderment
Solution - unified border management between US, Canada, Mexico (North American Union)

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~


Because Canada is still in the British sphere.

Canadians also have only one choice of cable networks lol Canada used to have others.


What single cable choice would that be?

Are you sure you know what you're talking about?

More importantly...

Why does the US Govt hate Americans?

When Fascism goes to sleep, it checks under the bed for Ron Paul!