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Help this Mutual Learning Experience

Michael and Friends,

Could we please have a section on the Daily Paul strictly dedicated on the topic of Bit Coins. I think it is important for us to educate one another on such important topic. Please, please, please???

My personal friends and I believe that the only place were are really making headway is in the cryptographic aspect of activism.

I understand there are people who do not care or do not like bitcoins. That is okay. I respect that. But I think the community will at large benefit much from learning about all of the intellectual avenues that learning about Bit Coins offer.

I really hope you guys help me in creating a little forum where we can all mutually learn from Bit Coins and what they offer the Liberty Movement.

Thank you all for reading this and I hope this bit coin learning proposal is aided by your understanding.

In Liberty,

Rafael 111

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