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RT: Israel Ups Iran War Rhetoric in Push for US Aid

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Zionists have set up the entire situation in the Middle East.

The Rothschild banking empire elite want to rule the world and that means bringing ALL of the Middle East under their control, and they have been relying on the US military to do the work for them.

Israel tethered to the US was meant to ultimately conquer the Middle East and then advance to Russia and China in the imperialistic campaign.

Israel was strategically created for this very situation that is unfolding today; with the US coming to the aid of a besieged Israel and finally conquering Syria and Iran.

Israel was NOT created for the Jewish people. It was created for the political reasons that are unfolding TODAY; to give the Rothschild Zionists a place to stand on the edge of the Middle East and out of necessity of position, nuclear armed to the teeth.

So, WHO is pushing for more US involvement? the Jewish people? or the Rothschild Zionists? We need to make this distinction.