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Holder Confirms: President Can Use Lethal Force Against Americans on US Soil

By Adam Serwer | Tue Mar. 5, 2013 | Mother Jones

Yes, the president does have the authority to use military force against American citizens on US soil—but only in "an extraordinary circumstance," Attorney General Eric Holder said in a letter to Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) Tuesday.

"The U.S. Attorney General's refusal to rule out the possibility of drone strikes on American citizens and on American soil is more than frightening," Paul said Tuesday. "It is an affront the constitutional due process rights of all Americans."

Last month, Paul threatened to filibuster the nomination of John Brennan, Obama's pick to head the CIA, "until he answers the question of whether or not the President can kill American citizens through the drone strike program on U.S. soil." Tuesday, Brennan told Paul that "the agency I have been nominated to lead does not conduct lethal operations inside the United States—nor does it have any authority to do so." Brennan said that the Justice Department would answer Paul's question about whether Americans could be targeted for lethal strikes on US soil.

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It's a sad day for America


When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

Yes, the president does have

Yes, the president does have the authority to use military force against its citizens on its soil
Things a dictator would NEVER say

According to the good judge:


Who among us will be the first American hero?

Why attack the sympton when you could get rid of the disease


Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

But do citizens have the authority to use force against a...

...government which does NOT FOLLOW the law of the land?

The Declaration of Independence says we do:

"When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to DISSOLVE THE POLITICAL BANDS which have connected them with another...

...that all men are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights (Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness)...

...That to SECURE THESE RIGHTS, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED,

...That whenever ANY Form of Government becomes DESTRUCTIVE OF THESE ENDS, it is the RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO ALTER OR TO ABOLISH IT, and to institute NEW GOVERNMENT, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their SAFETY AND HAPPINESS.
I guess THAT answers my question.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

I love the Constitution

but only because it acknowledges by written law what I know to be true at birth. I don't need to go to it for anything other than a historical reference and a contract that's meant to bind a government. I just need to look inside for the answer to whether or not I have the right to protect myself and my Liberty.

But we all know this, right? We are after all, free people.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Sen. Wyden & Drone Issue

This is a big question for me right now. I live in Oregon and back in 2010, Sen. Wyden of Oregon was looking into getting the contracts to allow drone testing in Eastern Oregon. At the time it seemed to be a money maker for Oregon, but not sure of all the specifics or how it turned out.
Wyden was quoted in 2011 as saying: When he introduced the idea of expanding the drone testing areas on the Senate floor, Wyden said, “Growth in the unmanned aerial system sector in the aviation business has been extraordinary in just the last few years. I think it’s well known that the systems are proving critical to military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, but they also have tremendous potential in the civilian sector.”
Now, Sen. Wyden has teamed up with Rand Paul to get the truth out about drones killing Amercians on American soil?
Sudden change of thinking on Wyden's part?


Can we impeach and prosecute this usurper and treasonous letch?

The bold effort the present bank had made to control the government ... are but premonitions of the fate that await the American people should they be deluded into a perpetuation of this institution or the establishment of another like it-Andrew Jackson

clear now

well at least they didnt go around beating the bush about it !!
Our dear leader Obama can kill anyone, anytime, without any judicial procedure.

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

Drone stike

All of DC. That would do the most good for the American people.

dave anderson

Drones can fall from the skies.

I can see homemade rocket launches coming next. Keep pushing Obama, sooner or later the chains that bind us will break!

It's Skynet, Man.

If the gunvernment can have drones, so can us Mundanes. It's time to come to grips - they've gone too far.

The Matrix....Skynet...only run by a human power elite, not some faceless machines. I never used to believe all those sci fi stories of Apocalypse Now from my youth. Now, I can't believe otherwise.

When Obama orders the first

When Obama orders the first strike, the resumption of the original war between the states will then commence since Posse Comitatus was part of the agreement for PERMANENT cessation of hostilities after the federal government abused its power again during the Grant administration. If the federal government continues to break its obligations underlying a truce by unilaterally attacking a county within a sovereign state then it will pay the price as the unresolved Civil War among the sovereign states will then resume to its rightful completion. Power of the county is superior to the state and nation.

the stranger's picture

Sad story. You got a smoke?

Malloy: This is your last chance, hotshot.
Snake Plissken: For what?
Malloy: Freedom.
Snake Plissken: In America? That died a long time ago.

Michael Nystrom's picture

Liberty lost her silver slippers

I guess she must be dead.

He's the man.

"Jingle Bells" at the age of two, she refused to stop singing.

Judy Garland, age 2.

While her home life was clouded by her parent's troubled marriage, she found a new home on the stage. During her first performance of "Jingle Bells" at the age of two, she refused to stop singing and performed encore after encore until her father pulled her off the stage.

Described by Fred Astaire as "the greatest entertainer who ever lived" and renowned for her contralto voice.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

the stranger's picture

Ten Steps Down

I think she lost her way, didn't heed the Wolf's warning and bought the stairway to hell. Miss her dearly.

I would love to see a

I would love to see a journalist with balls ask a real question ...

Mr. Holder now that you have stated your opinion what facts derived from first hand knowledge of something seen or heard are you relying upon to conclude it?

Hold on Holder

Well if Holder says it, I believe it! [:|]

www.standardexcellence.net - Bringing you Oklahoma, Texas and national news & opinion that matters for liberty.

Here's the solution....

US Constitution Article 1, Sec 8, Clause 16 States:

"To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress;"

For all those in total suspense for the answer... the Militia WOULD BE ALL OF US... Armed and Disciplined... then we can solve the executive problem of those in that branch "believing" that they have the authority to do such a thing. But we would need people in Congress who gave a rats behind about Liberty to pull off such a feat.

Then we would use Article 1, Sec 8, clause 15 which states:

"To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;"

If we could do that, we could restore the Militia of the several States and call them to duty to "execute the laws of the union" since the President seems to be clearly violating them! The Militia of the several States would be able to respond by imprisoning such criminals who follow the President's unlawful orders!

The Militia of the several STATES is the answer to solving this issue! Since of course the President most likely is NOT even a natural born citizen as the Constitution requires the President to be. That means, all orders the President would give as commander in chief to the Militia of the Several States would be null and void for a better word to describe it... because a pretender to the office of President of the United States is NOT and CANNOT be the commander in chief of anything to do with the Army, Navy and Militia of the several States

Love Liberty, be Vigilant

"Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty" (2 Corinthians 3:17)

Faith in God will prevail all things!

Even if a drone attack results

in collateral damage? Oh well, TPTB have already declared America a "battleground". What's a few broken eggs when you are making a national security omelet, hmmm?

I predict over time our government will do many more times over greater death and destruction to us citizens than the 9/11 attackers ever did.

Conscience does not exist if not exercised

"No matter how cynical you get, it's impossible to keep up!
---Lily Tomlin

The Founders anticipated Obama


Ĵīɣȩ Ɖåđşŏń

"Fully half the quotations found on the internet are either mis-attributed, or outright fabrications." - Abraham Lincoln

We've been telling people this

was a very real possibility for months now... some of you may have been for years.

IDK about the rest of you but I've just repeatedly been called "paranoid" or a "conspiracy theorist."

One would think this should piss people off but I suspect most will just argue that it's "justified" just like they have with the drone strikes in the Middle East and with the actions of the police with Dorner. I hope I'm wrong but I bet I'm not.

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

I Can't Get People

to pay attention long enough to actually call me names. They are usually to busy blithering about themselves to listen enough to get that far.


I'm of the belief that our traitorous Congress Wouldn't Impeach

Obam even he openly started using drones to murder Americans...

The land of freak and the home of the bimbo..


I have to say it, anyone elected official who uses these words publicly needs to STEP DOWN! But i have to ask Where is the outrage? This is in DIRECT contrast to The Constitution, so where is the outrage people????

Funny how when Democrats never undo any George Bush's grants of powers probably because they intended to use them once they had someone get into office

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

FRN death spiral is enroute

The Feds derive their power from the value of the dollar. Without a valuable currency, soldiers won't listen, drone pilots drag up, etc.

It will all go slowly at first, as the Federal Reserve Note loses its appeal and more people accept other means of exchange. As interest rates rise, and money printing goes into overdrive, it will accelerate faster and faster. We might all be trading in gold and silver, Chinese yuan or rubles, but I suspect the dollar's days are numbered.

Governments rarely survive the collapse of their currency, because the currency is the source of their power.

Author of Shades of Thomas Paine, a common sense blog with a Libertarian slant.


Also author of Stick it to the Man!


Debbie's picture

Well said George Strait.



and the constitution

and the constitution allows me to shoot back. If it comes to that, I WILL.

Shoot back...

at a drone?

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~