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'RONPAUL' license plate BANNED in Washington D.C.

A freedom of information act reveals what words are banned from license plates in the belly of the beast. 'FREEDOM' is also banned, figures.


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That was posted today :-)


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Sorry about that

I didn't see it.

The fact that they have

The fact that they have anwords banned at all is troubling to me. Shouldnt these be protected under free speech? The one exception I can see to this is someone not wanting their name used as a plate, but thats about it.(although by extension a company could ask to prohibit their logo/name from being used)
The fact that they can ban this means that other things could be banned by extension. Yes, plates involve government(for whatever their "rules" are worth anyway) but so do public schools, libraries, etc. Someone could really compile a book on all this stuff(the slow erosion of what Amurika stood for; and I dont spell it close to/like that way except for this one time) and they would probably ban it.

Ya know, someone could probably challenge this. Why would "Ronpaul" be banned, but not "DCheney"?

Alot of the banned letter/number combos seem somewhat random and a few are company names/logos. Also see a few "curse" words on there as well and some suggestive statements regarding procreation(to put it mildly).

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I wonder what it cost the taxpayers

to have that huge list developed?

Did Ron Paul run to ICAAN?