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Zionists Have Set Up the Entire Situation in the Middle East - and We All March to Their War Drum

The Rothschilds banking empire want to rule the world. That means bringing ALL of the Middle East under their control, and they have been relying on the NATO-US military to do the work for them.

Israel was NOT created for the Jewish people. It was created for the political reasons that are unfolding TODAY; to give the Rothschild Zionists a place to stand on the edge of the Middle East, and out of necessity of position, nuclear armed to the teeth.
MAP http://www.worldatlas.com/webimage/countrys/asia/aslargez.htm

Little Israel tethered to the US was meant to finally conquer Syria and Iran, ultimately conquer the Middle East, and then, perhaps, advance to Russia and China in the imperialistic easterly military march.

Israel was strategically created for this very situation that is unfolding today; with the US coming to the aid of a besieged Israel.

The land of Israel was never a gift to the Jewish people. The land and people are the political pawns of clever empire builders. The Palestinians are pawns cleverly played. In fact we are all pawns in this political game.

So, WHO is pushing for more US involvement? the Jewish people? or the Rothschild Zionists? We need to make this distinction.

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Yes and so many more hidden in Washington

pushing the agenda. The central banks control all but three nations now: IRAN, Cuba, N. Korea, and the three rebel nations are all under heavy sanctions.

He who controls the money controls the nation, and now the world.

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AIPAC...is crawling with Zionists...and Jews...and Rothschilds....and Rockefellers...Illuminati....protestants....catholics....atheiests....and every other sort of person.

The only real AIPAC qualification for membership...is to be a SOCIOPATH.

But you have made an important distinction AIPAC wants purposefully blurred.

This is NOT about the Jewish people. Never was...never will be.

It is about the NWO.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

Wanna test?

Disband NATO and IMF, defund UN, stop US aid to ALL. Then you will see Israel will get ahead while muslims countries that do not have oil will starve and UK, Ireland, Spain, and France banks will go under.


You can never assume one race or religion all thinks the same... their are various opinions among people of the jewish race and of the jewish faith... Their are varying opinions within the Israeli Government itself, as well as their citizens.... However Zionism is a weird form of Jewish supremecy that won't ever their racists and in turn are able to call their critics racists against Jews. The ideology is supported by more than just Jews but many Americans, Christians and others. CUFI or Christians united for Israel, is one of several organizations that support their expansionists policies thinking its fullfillment of biblical prophecy, without ever stopping to think what evil they are supporting. Anybody interested in zionism should start by reading the protocols of the learned elders of zion... and recognize it for what it is ... racist hateful and extremely intelligent. But when people blame the Jewish population or even all Israeli citizens, it not only discredits their arguments, but is indeed racists and hateful... Not all Americans agree with their Government, very few whites support the KKK... the same logic needs to be applied to Zionism.

my only concern...

...will a United Stated military sworn serviceman EVER kill a United States citizen on command....especially for the "crime" of expressing his/her opinion that our politicians are pieces of [*expletive*] for doing this unto ourselves and our posterity!

May God save the United States via the ballot box, before it's too late!!!

Let's put the blame where it belongs, no longer on the "sheeple"; but rather on those who serve Satan willingly, and those who have given us this counterfeit Christianity for their temporal "30 pieces of silver"!